'I AM Effortless Change'

September 2018

This month we are talking about (as well as experiencing) ... change. We dive deep into the process of transformation, alchemy and evolution - and explore how we can navigate life's ebbs and flows while staying as centred, grounded and open as possible. 

  • How we can stay open to the tremendous changes within (and outside)

  • The process of alchemy/transformation in our mind-body-spirit system

  • Working with our pain, and how our stories about pain create our reality

Start by taking a look at the introduction to the theme video, before diving in to this month's tuning-in practice and exercise below.


'What is your relationship to change?'

This month's practice is a Tuning-in & Journalling Exercise inviting you to take a good look at your relationship with change:

1. Your current reality
2. Your heart's longing
3. How to bridge realities

Screenshot 2018-04-13 15.18.57.png

This month's Online Circle and Meditation was a powerful space of connecting with both our ‘NO’ and our ‘YES’ to change.

Below is a recording of the guided meditation which invites you to connect with (and transform) the NO, a much-needed step towards creating what we truly desire and allowing life to work through us.

Enjoy !

Screenshot 2017-11-24 11.39.59.png

This month’s recording dives deeper into 3 aspects needed for change:

  • Bringing love to the situation

  • Being in integrity

  • Releasing any complaining



A 23-min body practice to dive into your breath, body and sound with playful curiosity.


A 6-min track of drumming and singing bowls. Find a quiet space, take a few deep breaths, and notice what arises in your mind-body system.