'I AM Connection'

October 2018

This month we are diving into a big big theme: connection. I say big, as it is really what drives us all; returning to unity, to our true interconnected nature. Here are some areas we will explore:

  • The difference between horizontal and vertical connection

  • What synergy truly means and how to create it

  • Why we need connection in all its forms

Start by taking a look at the introduction to the theme video, before diving in to this month's ‘synergy and alignment ‘practice below.


‘Playing with synergy & alignment’

In this first practice, I invite you to explore your Vertical Alignment (with Earth and the cosmos), before going out into the world to play with your Horizontal Alignment (synergy with people, animals and things).

Screenshot 2018-04-13 15.18.57.png

This month's Online Circle and Meditation was a beautiful and deep dive into our infinite connected nature. Here is the recording of the meditation section for you to enjoy :)

Screenshot 2017-11-24 11.39.59.png

For this month’s theme, this recording is a little different: it outlines and gives some context to the exercise on the PDF, inviting you to connect with your highest intention for connection on 4 levels: material, natural, social and spiritual.

Listen first, then open and download the PDF below.



Watch the 5-min video introduction for some instructions to get you started, then continue for as long as you like.

A great track to use while shaking is ‘Kundalini Meditation’, an Osho Active Meditation. You can find it on Youtube or Spotify.