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October 2017

What is true receiving?

In this month's workshop, we explore the themes of receiving and giving - and our distortions in them.

The 4 Layers of Receiving 

#01: Presence Meditation

The following practice is a 55min meditation recorded during the Year Of Alignment retreat in Crete. To the backdrop of the wind and the torrent gushing by, you'll drop into the Presence within and experience the world from that space of Truth. Repeat it a few times to anchor the sensations, then practice the principles throughout the day.

#02: Higher Self Reconnection Exercise

A simple 8min recording made during the Year Of Alignment retreat designed to reconnect with the vibreation of your Higher Self and give you clarity on its essence. Have a pen and paper at hand to write after the experience!

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#02: Chakra Cleansing & Activation

A 49-min recording made during the Awaken The Spirit Within retreat.