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November 2017

In this month's workshop, we practice receiving guidance from our imagination and intuition, and talk about showing up and how we can dance with other people's energies without being impacted by them. 

#01: ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL'S DESIRES: A 12-min practice recorded from Facebook Live to align yourself with your soul's desires

#02: INNOCENCE PRACTICE: a short meditation recorded during a workshop to reconnect with your innocent self and to experience the world through childlike eyes. This is mindfulness on steroids!

Instructions: find a quiet space and listen to the journey. Then go out and explore the world from innocence; notice where you are drawn to and what you experience differently.

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#01: 10th of November

  • About the 11/11 date and what it brings
  • Where we are headed as a collective - and how to ease the process
  • 12mins