Opening Ritual

Here’s the recording with our journey to the Altar, where we connect with our guides and receive our heart’s intention for the month.

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Thematic Practice

This month’s Practice is a 25-min ‘Vision Awakening’ meditation designed to expand your natural intuition and visioning gifts.

Find a quiet space, sit back and enjoy!


You’ll find 4 pages from Alberto Villoldo’s book ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’ about developing our vision here.

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Circle Ceremony

Introduction Journey

Summary of sharings & insights

Group process & card reading


Movement Practice

A 25-min body practice to awaken your inner vision, energise your physical eyes and reconnect your heart, third eye and neocortex. Repeat it as many times as you can for best results :)


Community Space

The Campfire is our place to come together to share stories, insights and nuggets of wisdom. A space to connect and integrate all the shifts from our exploration.

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