1. Opening Ritual

Here’s the recording of our journey to the Altar, where we connect with our heart’s intention for the month.


2. Thematic Practice: Contemplation

This month’s first practice is an invitation to find a spot in nature (unless its freezing outside in which case find somewhere that just feels really good!), and sit with the question ‘what is love'?’.

Check out the video for a short introduction, then download the audio beneath it and listen to it as you start your contemplation.

Remember to write down anything that comes up - and feel free to share in the Campfire, and/or at the Circle Ceremony.

Screenshot 2017-11-24 11.39.59.png

3. Circle Ceremony

Opening Meditation:

Summary of insights & recommended resources:

Journey & Process

In the group process, we journey to our inner temples before using rhythm, sound and intention to transform:

  1. Our personal resistance to love & receiving

  2. Our family/ancestral resistance

  3. Our collective resistance

4. Movement Practice

A 15-min body practice to integrate the work so far, open our hearts and receive the gifts of love in our bodies.


5. Community Sharing

The Campfire is our place to come together to share stories, insights and nuggets of wisdom. A space to connect and integrate all the shifts from our exploration.

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