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Georgette W

“Before I worked with Ed I had a persistent sense of anxiety. I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I lived in my head and it wasn’t a pleasant place to be. It was driving me mad. My career felt like it was falling apart.  When I came across his work I was both very curious and very sceptical - all a little too touchy feely for me. But the concept of grounding myself just rang true so, with nothing to lose, I took the plunge.  I’m writing this three or four weeks after returning from Crete. I’m at a point where I feel truly grounded, more powerful, life is beginning to flow. The self help books went to the charity shop. And the meditation app, isn’t getting renewed.”

Georgette Wright, PR & Marketing Consultant, Birmingham UK

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Simon M

“I feel as if I’ve shed a lot of stuff, and got a better understanding of how to avoid taking on board things that don’t serve me. Now I can feel the energy flowing through me: the blockages have gone. The biggest change for me is an inner understanding and a connection to that force, the universe, Tao, Spirit, whatever you want to call it. I feel healed by it and connected to it.”

Simon M., Poet, London

For a video and to read more about Simon’s Quest, click here.

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Kam S

Ed has helped me enormously throughout the last year and the Soul Quest was a culmination of an inward journey that was both difficult but necessary. If Ed wasn’t there to guide me in Crete I believe I would have missed the magic that the Island possesses. I feel more grounded and more in touch with nature. This is just what I needed at the right time. It’s magical.

Kam S., London

To read more about Kam’s Quest, click here.

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