Just over a year ago I met Edward Pike and the incredible work that he does in waking us to possibilities and beliefs, to dreams we had let go of and to once again finding our true passions and creativity. He awakened the child in me that no longer fears to believe that everything is possible. My heart and soul constantly feel like soaring. My dream is coming true. I am healing and I am now able to help others heal too.

I have seen so much change in me over the past year that I can hardly recognise myself from a year ago. Everything is bigger, brighter and clearer. I have never felt happier or more free.

It has been a massive healing journey. And yes there has been crying and fear as my old self and the programming drops away but it has been replaced with joy, playfulness and fun and a great appreciation and love for the world in which we live. I have begun to remember who I truly am. I am ever so grateful and feel utterly blessed.

I urge others out there to step outside their comfort zone, and do something that will not only touch them deeply but will awaken a part of them that has dreamed for so long to be free. Your Higher Self longs for greater connection.

If you want change, you have to change and change begins from within. It’s time to fly!
— Josh

I have worked with Edward for the past 18 months, and I can honestly say his workshops have changed my life. Edward gives you the space and time to delve and explore your inner longings, feelings and struggles.

Edward’s healing practice is very gentle and comes from a place of love. Each workshop makes me feel realigned, open and a little wiser. He has helped me to connect to myself, to others and to my soul.
— Sofie, World Traveller & Free Spirit

Edward is an inspiring example of how to live through the ancient teachings of shamanism in our modern day. With Edward I have learnt to trust my intuition, listen to my heart and open to the reality of creating a better way of life.

I realise just how much I’ve changed through working with you and how much this way of life is serving me. Thank you for you encouragement, support and constant inspiration!
— Venus, Performer & Creativity Mentor

Thank you... for making me feel safe, understood, and helping me align. Showing me the path of self love, self respect and listen to my voice, the aligned one. Im so grateful to be able to practice all the beautiful things you have to share and teach.
— Jo, Actor & Performer

Edward has a compassionate and intuitive approach, with a deep understanding of the coping techniques we all adopt to face life’s challenges. He gave me the confidence to open up to exploring what was holding me back, and to make changes in my life I never thought were possible
— Rob, Enterprise Guru | hamiltonconsult.co.uk

What I love so dearly is that Ed’s workshops are both time for yourself and to share with other souls. A space where no one judges. A space to share buried and unspoken parts of yourself. A space to return to YOU.

I’ve taken so much from one single day. Knowing and trusting in my journey of self-care, rooting to rise, and, ultimately, opening up. Also in seeing that death will always be present, but so that can transform into creativity. Thank you for an exquisite, life-affirming day!
— Jude, Yoga Teacher | movewithjude.com

I am having a magnificent week and it must be somehow related to all the healing from the weekend. Ed I can’t thank you enough and have been singing your praises to my friends and colleagues!
— Jobin

A big thank you for your workshop last weekend. I received such precise, intuitive knowledge thanks to the safe space you created and the beautiful exercises you led. I’m still feeding the wisdom into each day as a result, so thanks again.
— Ellis, Actor & Director | elliskerkhoven.com

The workshop was wonderfully safe, creative and open. I was so grateful for such an inspiring space to explore and connect, dive deep, move and express what was in my heart and life at the moment. Thank you for providing the support and guidance, and so much love.
— Hannah, Artist


Ed held a supportive, safe and calm environment in which the group could learn, explore, move, interact, share via talking, and express feelings and processes freely. Going to the workshop turned out to be a significant part of a healing process for a long term health issue that I am trying to resolve. Thanks for your care, support and well thought out, deepening and caring workshop.
Edward is so passionate, approachable and considerate. Be it in groups or 1-2-1, I felt we had a special relationship.
— Participant of the Thrive Programme
Edward was amazing, thank you for for all your support, care and love!
— Participant of the Thrive Programme
I am so glad I did Edward’s Alignment Workshop. I found myself in a very special space that was enriching, life affirming, encouraging and very therapeutic.

I connected in a surprising and quite beautiful way with others, challenged myself, and had lots of fun! I left smiling and uplifted after this deeply rewarding experience.
— Huw
The workshop was a great way to learning to be present, find new resources within me and spring back into life from a deeper place of harmony and joy and connection.
— Ilaria Vilkelis, Executive Coach
Edward is clearly passionate about what he does, which put me at ease straight away. His laddered approach was very helpful and conducive in allowing my body intuition to surface, rather than being bound by rational thoughts and judgements.
— Ryan Veladas, Dramatherapist
Last night I cleansed my soul. I gave myself the permission to let go of every painful emotion i’d been carrying and devote myself entirely to the dance.

The more I danced, the more I felt the energy shifting. It was a truly liberating experience to lose all inhibitions, open my heart, and allow myself to completely dissolve in to the dance.

Thank you Edward for creating such an amazing space.
— James Barber, Hypnotherapist
Edward is a joy to work with. I arrived for my session full of curiosity not really knowing what to expect and I left full of energy and inspiration!
— Leon Taylor, Olympic Medallist and Speaker