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Do you need to find deeper connection with yourself, others and the world? To ground into your heart and embody your deepest gifts, wisdom and uniqueness? To step into your true purpose here on Earth?

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We are at a time of immense change, both on a personal and collective level.

We are being called to awaken to our true interconnection with each other and with our planet - and to step into our roles as creators, leaders, and protectors of the Earth and her people.

The Temple is an online membership space for those looking to go beyond their current limitations, access their most authentic and connected self, and step into their true purpose.

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

 Connect with a space of deep beauty and harmony

As a member of the Temple, you enter a field of incredible depth, compassion and wisdom; an  energetic cocoon that supports, guides and holds you on your journey of deepening your connection with yourself, the Earth and the cosmos.


Co-create with kindred spirits from around the world

The Temple is a gathering of kindred spirits from all over the world, linked by a common sensitivity and compassion for humanity, and a shared dream for co-creating our lives and work based on our true interconnection with nature and each other.


Access your deepest gifts and uniqueness

Everything in the Temple -  from the online circles to the practices - is designed to support you to access your most beautiful and authentic self, and to embody more of your natural intuition, compassion and power.

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Once a month, we meet online via Zoom for 90mins for group sharing and meditation. A few weeks prior, you are invited to share your current challenges and needs. This helps me prepare the meditation or experiential part. These circles are recorded and posted online for you to listen back whenever you wish to, or in case you cannot attend.

Relevant experts and practitioners are interviewed to add their insight and wisdom to the themes that are discussed in the online circles.

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Extra resources (such as meditations, articles or practices) are shared after the circles to support you with implementing the wisdom from each discussion.

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Access to the Temple also includes 11 ‘I AM’ mini-courses, on themes such as presence, joy, freedom, love or power. Each contain practices, recordings and meditations to deepen your experience and understanding of each topic. Relevant courses are added depending on the needs of the group.

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In between the group meetings, the community interacts and shares within the dedicated Facebook group ‘the Campfire’. You are invited to share, ask questions, and give/receive support.

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Join the Temple

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