Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Temple?

The Temple is an online place where people come to connect with themselves, others and their spirituality, so they can live with more joy, freedom, clarity and flow. 

How much does it cost?

£19 every month.

What do I get?

Every month you receive:

  • access to a 90-min live online circle, workshop and sharing session with other Temple members
  • email support for any questions that arise as a result of the online circle + continued support via the comments section
  • a video or audio of a body-mind-spirit practice
  • one or two recordings of in-depth teachings or channelled information from Edward Pike

Who is this for?

The Temple is for people who want to find deeper connection with themselves, with others, with the planet and with Spirit. No matter your age, background, sexuality, experience or gender: if you want to develop your connection with your mind, body, energy, emotions, intuition, spirituality - this space is for you.

I have no experience of body-mind-spirit work, does it matter?

Not at all: the workshops and practices cater to all levels. There are clear instructions with each new practice, and if you’re not sure about something, just ask.

What results can I expect?

The Temple is a very personal and unique experience: the work is deep and powerful. As such, you can potentially experience a variety of different things: a rise in emotion, a newfound clarity, increased joy, deeper sense of connection, etc. 

What kind of practices and recordings will I access?

Practices include movement, meditation, shamanic journeying or even writing exercises. Recordings are mostly voice audios of teachings, but also include movement videos or drumming tracks. In every case, there is a little introduction and some instructions so you know exactly how to use each one.

How do the online sessions work?

The online sessions are delivered via a free programme called Zoom. You will find the unique link for each workshop on the Temple itself, under the specific month. 

Zoom downloads and opens automatically when you click the link. You enter the meeting space with your video turned on, and your microphone muted. You can unmute yourself if you choose to share or ask a question: there will be time for this in each session. 

Are the online sessions confidential?

Yes. Only the experiential part guided by Edward Pike is recorded and all members are asked to adhere to a rule of confidentiality, and not to share any personal details or information outside of the circle.

What happens if I’m unable to attend the live workshops?

The guided experiential part of each online workshop is recorded and made available soon after on the Temple, for you to access whenever you wish.

If I sign up to the trial, am I able to access all the past content?

Trial members only have access to the past 2 months of content. If you decide to continue after the first 30 days, you will automatically be given access to all past content. If you know before the 30 days are up that you wish to continue, just follow this link to upgrade your membership to give you full access (you will be charged for your first month immediately).

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may access all your account details through the Temple itself. From there, you can make changes or cancel your subscription. If you cancel, you will still have access to the content until the end of your trial period or until the next billing date.

Do you offer support outside of the online workshops?

You may email at any time with any technical questions. For personal support, Edward is available via email for any questions related to the live workshops, and will answer any questions via the comments sections in each month. He also offers a discounted rate for private 1:1 support: get in touch for more information.