Nature is my religion and Earth is my temple.
— Mayuresh Sarnobat

Would you love to live in deeper harmony with yourself, others and the planet?

We are at a time of immense change, both on a personal and collective level. It is becoming clear that our capitalistic society can not function in a healthy and sustainable way.

We are being called to awaken to our true interconnection with each other and with our planet - and to step into our roles as creators, leaders, and protectors of the Earth and her people.

It’s time to put all of the past years of personal transformation into action.

I firmly advise anyone to come and sample Ed’s membership group. It’s so beautiful and simple yet profound
— Alison Smith, Creative Consultant, UK

The Temple is an online membership space dedicated to those who are ready to step into their soul’s mission and purpose here on Earth.

It is a gathering of kindred spirits from all over the world, linked by the common vision of co-creating a new society based on our true interconnection with nature and each other.

How It Works

Through a monthly 90-min online circle and group meditation, we collectively engage in conversation and transformation work in order to:

  • Respond to our personal and collective needs

  • Deepen our connection with the Earth

  • Activate our soul mission and purpose

  • Understand what we can do to serve the planet and others in a healthy and sustainable way

  • Transform our shadow and resistance - the key to increasing our light and frequency

Relevant experts and practitioners are invited to participate in the circles to add their insight and wisdom to the discussion.

Extra resources (such as meditations, articles or practices) are shared after the circles to support you with implementing the wisdom from each discussion.

The monthly circles and meditations are recorded and posted online for you to listen back whenever you wish to, or in case you cannot attend.

In between the group meetings, the community interacts and shares within the dedicated Facebook group ‘the Campfire’.

Access to the Temple also includes 11 ‘I AM’ mini-courses, on themes such as presence, joy, freedom, love or power. Each contain practices, recordings and meditations to deepen your experience and understanding of each topic. Relevant courses are added depending on the needs of the group.

I am incredibly grateful to have met Ed and to have joined The Temple. I love being able to go there whenever I feel the need to be guided in some way or to connect with others. It is a safe space where I can regularly expand my knowledge and my spirit. I can’t always attend the monthly online gatherings but listening to the recordings afterwards is wonderful and has the exact same impact on me. And last, but not least, Ed and other members have a great sense of humour, which is definitely always a plus!! 😊
— Maite, London

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Sign up below for a free 30-day trial. After that, you pay what you can afford, either £8, £18 or £28 per month.

To register: simply click one of the buttons, and fill in the form. You'll be asked to give your card details, but don't worry; nothing will be charged until the end of the 30 days trial period. 

Please note: You can cancel at anytime and will have automatic access until the end of your billing cycle. There are no refunds, so please trust your intuition when signing up.

Still have questions? Either get in touch or check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Temple for?

  • I have no experience of body-mind-spirit work, does it matter?

  • What results can I expect?

  • What kind of practices and recordings will I access?

  • How do the online sessions work?

  • Are the online sessions confidential?

  • What happens if I’m unable to attend the live workshops?

  • If I sign up to the trial, am I able to access all the past content?

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Do you offer support outside of the online workshops?

Who is the Temple for?

The Temple is for people who want to find deeper connection with themselves, with others and with the planet. No matter your age, background, sexuality, experience or gender: if you want to develop your connection with your mind, body, energy, emotions, intuition, spirituality - this space is for you.

I have no experience of body-mind-spirit work, does it matter?

Not at all: the circles and practices cater to all levels. There are clear instructions with each practice, and if you’re not sure about something, just ask.

What results can I expect?

The Temple is a very personal and unique experience: the work is deep and powerful. As such, you can potentially experience a variety of different things: a rise in emotion, a newfound clarity, increased joy, deeper sense of connection, etc. 

What kind of practices and recordings will I access?

Practices include movement, meditation, shamanic journeying or even writing exercises. Recordings are mostly voice audios of teachings, but also include movement videos or drumming tracks. In every case, there is a little introduction and some instructions so you know exactly how to use each one.

How do the online sessions work?

The online sessions are delivered via a free programme called Zoom. You will find the unique link for each workshop on the Temple itself, under the specific month. 

Zoom downloads and opens automatically when you click the link. You enter the meeting space with your video turned on, and your microphone muted. You can unmute yourself if you choose to share or ask a question: there will be time for this in each session. 

Are the online circles confidential?

The online circles are recorded and posted on the Temple for members to listen to. This includes trial members also.

What happens if I’m unable to attend the live circles?

Each online circle and meditation is recorded and made available soon after on the Temple, for you to access whenever you wish.

If I sign up to the trial, am I able to access all the past content?

Yes, you get immediate access to all past content. This includes everything from the Temple’s very beginning, in summer of 2017!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may access all your account details through the Temple itself. From there, you can make changes or cancel your subscription. If you cancel, you will still have access to the content until the end of your trial period or until the next billing date.

Do you offer support outside of the online workshops?

You may email at any time with any technical questions. For personal support, Edward is available via email for any questions related to the live workshops, and will answer any questions via the comments sections in each month. He also offers a discounted rate for private 1:1 support: get in touch for more information.