From City to Mountain to Beach

Example Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Chania and Quest Opening Session

  • Day 2 - Intuitive Photography session in Chania Old Town

  • Day 3 - Morning transfer to Oneirema and opening of your Vision Quest

  • Day 4 - Vision Quest

  • Day 5 - Completion of Vision Quest

  • Day 6 - Transfer to Sougia

  • Day 7 - Day trip to temple of Lissos (90mins)

  • Day 8 - Evening bus to Chania and celebratory dinner

  • Day 9 - Completion Session and Departure

Explore the historical city of Chania, stay in a teepee in the mountains in the beautiful Oneirema eco-retreat and camp (or rent a room) on the magical beach of Sougia. Connect deeply with all the elements through vision questing, swimming, hiking and exploring beautiful places.


  • Chania Old Town

  • Oneirema Eco-retreat

  • Sougia

  • Temple of Asclepios in Lissos


  • City tour

  • Hiking from Sougia to Lissos

  • Vision Quest in Oneirema

  • Meditation in the Temple of Lissos

  • Intuitive Photography


  • Camping on the beach and sleeping in Oneirema only available between June and September.

  • Buses are available between each location, so no need for car rental.

Edward Pike