Regardless of the season, Crete has so much to offer. Whether you’re craving a free-roaming adventure, a mountain hideaway, a sea-side stay or a village retreat (or a combination of all four), this ancient and sacred island has it all.

You may go on a Soul Quest to:

  • Reconnect with nature

  • Expand your creativity

  • Find inner peace, quiet and stillness

  • Discover your calling and purpose

  • Connect with the local community

You may choose to:

  • Hire a car or jump on a bus, explore the stunning coastline and sleep in a hammock under the stars.

  • Sleep in a teepee, go hiking in nature and dance around a campfire.

  • Rent a room by the sea, swim naked in the Mediterranean and meditate in ancient temples.

  • Stay in a traditional Cretan stone house and work on a creative project next to a roaring fire.

  • Experience a Thai massage, aromatherapy, channeling session, energy healing or Yoga class.