Pricing for a Rasayana Journey starts at £400 per person for a 4-day trip. Additional days are priced at £100 each. The rate is reduced to £80 per day for trips lasting beyond 10 days.

A set-up and preparation deposit of £200 is due prior to our first preparation call. 

Discounts apply for couples and small groups - please get in touch for more information. 

The price includes 2 x 90-min Private Sessions to be taken at the beginning and end of your trip. Extra sessions are offered at £95 per session.

Please note that I am offering this entry-level rate to the first 5 customers only.

Bonuses:  4-months access to my online membership space ‘The Temple’, worth £57

What the price includes

  • Pre-arrival calls
  • Pre-arrival questionnaire and resources
  • Preparation and booking research and support 
  • Daily check-ins and practices
  • 2 x 90-min 1:1 sessions
  • Mid-trip lunch or dinner (if itinerary allows)
  • End-of-trip completion ceremony
  • Post-trip integration call
  • Bonus: 4-months free access to the Temple (worth £57)

What the price excludes

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transfers
  • Activities, workshops and sessions with external providers
  • Extra Private Sessions
  • Travel insurance*

*It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate cover for your trip. You will need to provide a copy of your insurance papers prior to arrival. 

Cancellation & refund policy

Cancellation: Cancelling before our first preparation incurs no charge. Cancelation after the call but before 2 weeks prior to arrival incurs a 50% charge of your deposit ie £100. Cancelation within 2 weeks of arrival incurs a charge of 100% of your deposit. Please note that cancellation charges for accommodation, flights, car rental etc will differ according to each external provider.

Refund: I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy: if your overall experience is truly negative, I will refund you 100% of your payments towards your Rasayana Journey. This excludes any payments made directly to external providers: each have their own refund policy, so please check before you travel. 

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