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Rasāyana, रसायन: a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Path (āyana) of essence’ (rasa) - the science of lengthening lifespan and rejuvenation.


Do you need time and space to reconnect? To step outside your ordinary world? To slow down, simplify, and come back to yourself?

Rasayana Journeys are the ultimate experience for people looking to press the pause button on their day-to-day life and give themselves much-needed space to relax, reflect and grow. 

Combining body-mind-spirit transformational work with a completely tailor-made travel experience, they take you on a personal quest to rediscover your true self, while exploring Crete’s incredible beauty and energy.

Be guided on a voyage of self-discovery

After running transformational retreats in Crete for the past 3 years, I realised that there was a need for a much more flexible and personal experience. One that gave people more freedom and choice, while being closely guided and supported throughout.

A Rasayana Journey is created according to your unique needs and desires: we work as a team throughout the entire journey, both in its preparation and during the experience. From daily practices and check-ins to welcome and debrief sessions, via pre and post-trip calls; absolutely everything is designed for you to get exactly what you need. 

You may for example experience:

  • A deeper connection with life and nature
  • A new sense of purpose and meaning
  • A feeling of inner clarity and peace
  • A newfound aliveness and vitality
  • A rediscovery of the true beauty and pleasure of living

Slow down to reconnect

Travelling doesn’t have to be about endless bookings or huge itineraries. It can be local, slow, deeply personal and hugely transformative. 

Travel brings innocence and imagination back into your experience of being alive. And it invites you to live in the present moment, following your curiosity at every step. 

A Rasayana Journey offers you the opportunity to truly slow down, to reconnect with nature and your surroundings, and to spend quality time with yourself. 

Experience the transformative power of Crete

Imagine travelling to a large and mysterious island, covered in snow-capped mountains, gushing torrents and pristine beaches, and surrounded by crystal-clear blue waters. Imagine stepping off the plane and instantly feeling a magical aliveness envelop you. Imagine that days after arriving, you feel more at peace, more connected and more yourself than you have in a long time. 

That is the power and beauty of the island of Crete. Described as the ‘root chakra of Europe’, she invites you to ground deeper into your own being, into the earth, into your senses, and into your soul. There is no better place to come back to yourself, and your true inner nature. 

Fulfil your every need

Regardless of the season, Crete has so much to offer. Whether you’re craving a free-roaming adventure, spiritual quest, holistic holiday or creative retreat (or a combination of all four), this ancient and sacred island has it all. You could…

  • Hike a gorge, go scuba-diving, and meditate in a monastery. 
  • Stay in a room by the sea, work on a creative project, and visit ancient temples.
  • Rent a traditional Cretan house, learn Cretan cooking and spend time with a shepherd.
  • Hire a car, explore the stunning coastline and sleep in a hammock under the stars.
  • Stay in a boutique hotel, learn about permaculture and build a house from natural products.
  • Sleep in a teepee, learn meditation in nature and dance around a campfire.
  • Experience a Thai massage, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, yoga or a sound bath. 

…all while being gently guided on a personal journey of inner transformation. 

What you’ll get

  • A step outside of your comfort zone. How far you wish to go is completely up to you; you’ll be guided and support to test yourself, face your fears and challenge your limitations. Every day, I’ll be inviting you to complete a specific practice or task, designed to challenge you gently to step beyond your limits.
  • More time to yourself. Since most of the preparation is done by myself, there is no need for you to trawl through lists of AirBnbs or other websites. I’ll tell you exactly where to go, when to go, and who to meet.
  • Insider knowledge. You’ll be connected you with the best providers and experiences Crete has to offer, that you may not otherwise hear about. Like visiting a new city, and having a best friend at hand to point you in the right direction. 
  • Dedicated support. I’ll be available during the entirety of your stay in case of any questions, concerns, emergencies - or just to have a friendly chat.
  • Personal mentoring. From the moment we connect for our first Discovery Call, I’ll be there to assist you, answering any questions that you may have about not only the island, but also your inner journey. We’ll also plan some dedicated 1:1 times throughout your trip, and each package includes at least two 90-min Private Sessions with myself to go deeper.
  • Deep and lasting transformation. The effect of Crete is profound. Combined with my expertise in body-mind-spirit transformational work, this creates a unique container for personal change - on all levels of your being.

This is not for everyone

Before you read any further, just know that Rasayana Journeys are not for everyone. They are for people who want to get out of their comfort zone, and who care more about the experience they get out of a place than they do about its amenities. They are for people who care about their personal growth and spiritual evolution, but also enjoy the pleasure and beauty of life.