Private sessions are an opportunity for you to take a deep dive into the beauty of your being, activate your connection with your true self, align with your highest truth and process whatever arises on your journey.

They are for anyone who feels called to live, work and lead from a space of deeper authenticity, love and truth.

My primary intention during the sessions is to hold a space of connection with my own inner knowing: as you enter my energy field, this leads you to attune to a higher state of consciousness and access deeper embodiment.

I listen to my guidance to lead us through stillness, movement, meditation, inquiry and whatever arises to be processed in the moment. 
I also offer you tools and practices for you to access this space on your own and to support your journey towards living your spirituality in every moment.

Through this direct experience of your inner knowing, layers of inauthenticity are revealed and peeled away: the only path that remains is for you to follow your heart in every moment.

You may choose to deepen your journey by connecting with an online community where you will be held, supported and guided to stay in alignment with your highest truth and inner knowing. 

A little word of caution: if you are simply looking to resolve a specific issue or need some assistance with a challenge in your life, these sessions may not be for you. This work is for those who are being called on a path of evolution and who need some support and assistance in this awakening, alignment and embodiment process.


“I can honestly say working with Ed has changed my life. It’s a road full of light and wonderful possibilities. I cannot thank Ed enough for changing my life and enabling me to be the real me. The work is truly powerful and I will always be eternally grateful. I now intend to help the healing of others.”

— Josh, Managing Director of Outlet |

“Thank you... for making me feel safe, understood, and helping me align. Showing me the path of self love, self respect and listen to my voice, the aligned one. Im so grateful to be able to practice all the beautiful things you have to share and teach. ”

— Jo, Actor & Performer


Delivered over 6 weeks
With weekly communication and check-in

Minimum of 3 months
If you would like me by your side to work together, hold space for you and the vision of you embodying your highest calling, then get in touch to speak about it together. We will create a package to fit your needs and budget. 

*I operate a ‘no one turned away from lack of funds' policy: if you cannot afford the suggested contribution, we can find another means of exchange.
I also have a limited number of guest sessions I offer every month.


Would you love to explore working together? Email or book a Discovery Call here: