Maite Jauregui, Actor, London


Part of the Temple since 2017

Maite’s Experience of the Temple

“A few years ago my new years resolution was to keep walking a path that I had already started: working more consciously on my mind, body and spirit. I’ve been feeling more and more hungry for knowledge and practice, for a deeper knowing and understanding of all things related to expanding my mind, body and spirit.

Throughout these past 3 years or so several people have crossed my path: mentors which took different shapes and forms. Edward was one of those people. I remember watching his videos online and always feeling a sense of peace inside, of safety, trust and comfort in my soul. It was probably one of the things I would look forward to most on social media: his posts on whatever matter he was discussing. 

Joining the Temple was a thing that excited me a lot: it meant receiving the spiritual knowledge I sought, coming from someone I knew and trusted on a regular basis. 

Being part of a community brought up feelings that were almost contradictory in me: on the one hand I was really looking forward to being and sharing with other people, and simply being part of a community of people interested in some of the similar aspects of life as me. 

But on the other hand, it also brought fears: will I fit in? Am I the only new person? Maybe they know more about spirituality and the themes that are being discussed than I? Maybe they’re freaks and people I just don’t get along with?

That list, written by my Fear, is probably endless. But I joined because the calling was stronger.

The Temple is a place that is not quite home, but is almost like home. It’s like the garage that you’ve turned into a living room and filled with lovely warm carpets and decorated how you like it and invited your friends to.

It’s like an extension of your home. And the reason for it is because it’s safe, so safe. You can share things that you can probably not share with many other people. You can be your true self and not be judged. You go there to learn, and sometimes, during some of the practices or meditations, some amazing discoveries happen, some beautiful shifts, some very deep understandings about yourself and about everything about life. 

And that’s why I stay. I stay because I love the sense of community, even though we only meet once a month, even though I can’t attend half of the sessions, and even though we all live in different countries and really know nothing about each other. It’s still there: they also represent for me many other people who are in the same wavelength as me. And just knowing those people also exist makes me feel grounded. I know I’m not alone.”

(December 2018)