Kam’s Quest

Kam spent 8 days in Crete in April 2019. Here’s a glimpse into his journey.

HIS intention

  • Find more flow

  • Rooting and grounding

  • Get some space and perspective

  • Face his fears and deeper heart connection

HIS itinerary

  • 8 days of staying in various guest houses in the mountains, forest and by the sea

What HE did

  • Solo hiking

  • Time alone in nature

  • Contemplation

  • 1-day Vision Quest

HIS Experience

Ed has helped me enormously throughout the last year and the Soul Quest was a culmination of an inward journey that was both difficult but necessary. If Ed wasn’t there to guide me in Crete I believe I would have missed the magic that the Island possesses.

Ed has a naturally positive energy and I thank him for all he has done for me on my journey.
— Kam S., London

How were you feeling when you arrived, before the SQ?

I was feeling a mix of very strong emotions. Some anxiety, and some nervousness and questions such as ‘What will I do?’, ‘What am I coming for?’, and from other people around me, like ‘Why are you going by yourself?’

And how are you feeling now compared to then?

The fear has subsided, I feel more grounded and more in touch with nature. In fact I feel emotional as I say that. I also go home with some grief, some sadness about going back to the rat-race. This is just what I needed at the right time. It’s magical.

What was your biggest challenge?

Being alone at times and going through the isolation was the biggest challenge. I enjoyed it in the end though. Being by myself in the forest, I would never have done that beforehand. As soon as I left you and got in the car, I felt this fear come up: ’Where am I going?’, ‘How am I going to get there?’. The first night was very testing, even the first 24 hours by myself in a strange environment. I did enjoy it in the end.

What was your most powerful moment?

Being in a cave, and not being scared of it. And the whole journey to get there and to that moment, which was incredible.

How will that translate into your daily life, in the UK?

I don’t think I’ll be scared of my inner wild man. The one that comes out, gets aggressive at times, the one that can destroy. I will trust my instincts more.

Your favourite aspect of the Soul Quest?

The structure of the Quest: the itinerary, guiding me where to go, and the daily practices and activities.

How is a Soul Quest different to a retreat?

I enjoyed being away, it really forced me to journey somewhere, to go deep, to survive. The first night I was wondering where I would get food for example, and it came.

The main difference in one word.

An Odyssey. A journey.

What about your intention of Flow for the Quest, how did you feel it working with you?

I’ve always been rushing. Always trying to do too much, think too far ahead, about what I have to do. But really I’m learning to flow, slowly, deeper. As I say it I feel myself slow down. I’ve had this feeling before; the world rushing around me, its a nice place to be. The flow is not a rapid any more but more of a trickle, a stream.

What would you say to someone who has a curiosity about coming? 

I would say to trust yourself. You have to take that first step. It’s scary, but trust yourself.