Connect with kindred spirits around the world

Two Facebook groups are available for you to join - and will welcome you with open arms:

'The OneHeart Collective'

The aim of the group is to bring together a community of kindred spirits: sensitive, creative, spiritually-oriented beings with a longing for unity and alignment with their true self.

The vision for this group is:

  • to hold space for the emergence of people’s essence, gifts and purpose
  • to be a place for dialogue, mutual understanding, deep listening and truth
  • to encourage sharing, collaboration and co-creation
  • to honour and celebrate the love, wisdom and beauty of each member

'Conscious Crete'

The purpose of the group is to connect like-minded and kindred spirits living on and visiting Crete, through the sharing and promoting of conscious events, projects, organisations and businesses happening on the island.

The vision for the group is:

  • to bring together the wonderful treasures our beautiful island has to offer
  • to connect people working in service to the community, planet, environment, wellbeing and consciousness of both residents and visitors
  • to encourage sharing, collaboration and co-creation
  • to promote the coming together and evolution of "Cretan Consciousness’