Connect with kindred spirits around the world

Three groups are available for you to join - and will welcome you with open arms.


'The OneHeart Collective'

This Facebook group brings together a community of kindred spirits: sensitive, creative, spiritually-oriented beings with a longing for unity and alignment with their true self.

Join this group to receive regular updates and insights from Edward, and to connect and share with a tribe of like-minded seekers.

'Conscious Crete'

This Facebook group connects like-minded and kindred spirits living on and visiting Crete, through the sharing and promoting of events, projects and organisations on the island.

Join the group to receive access to regular live events in Chania and West Crete, and to know about all the events happening in the area.

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‘The Temple’

This is for you if you are looking for deeper connection and support with your soul’s mission and purpose on Earth.

Join to access exclusive monthly circles, a 2-year archive of practices and our community Facebook group ‘The Campfire’.

From £8 per month.