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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
— Joseph Campbell

Are you showing up fully in your life and work?
  Are you connected to your heart and the power within?
 Are you a clear channel for creation and service? 

The path of following your calling is not always an easy one.
It can be confusing, painful, and downright frustrating at times.
It can sometimes feel like it’s an endless succession of challenges, setbacks and ideas - with few tangible results. 

You feel like you have so much to give to the world, but you’re just lacking a way to implement everything you’ve learnt and been through.
There’s a burning desire within you to step out into the world and to be the fullest expression of your Higher Self.

You’re ready to listen to the voice of your heart and follow it no matter what.
 You’re ready to turn your pain into your purpose and be of service to your community and planet.
  You’re ready to put what you’ve learnt into practice and create powerful personal and collective change.

You’re ready to light up the world with your love and talents.

This Level 2 of the "Conscious Hero" programme is for you if you already have some experience and knowledge of this kind of approach, and you want to take the next step on your path. It's designed as a highly-supportive and experiential journey: we will work side-by-side to get you to where you are called to be - both on an internal and an external level. 

The programme is a combination of online group workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions (minimum of 6 over the 10 months) and a live weekend workshop (6 & 7th October 2018). 


Here is a taste of what you'll learn in each 2-hour workshop:

Workshop 1: The Path Of The Conscious Hero (Opening Session with the Level 1 group)

  • what the journey looks like and where you are being called
  • how to turn your pain and wounding into your purpose 
  • how to find practices for grounding, self-care and creation in alignment with your calling

Workshop 2: Dancing With Dimensions & Forces

  • what the different forces of life are and how to navigate them
  • how to access and communicate with the spirit world for guidance and healing 
  • how to use your imagination to access non-physical dimensions of being

Workshop 3: Living In Alignment

  • what the difference is between horizontal (3D) and vertical (5D) alignment
  • how to navigate life by following joy, bliss and expansion
  • how to bend time, space and reality with 5D consciousness 

Workshop 4: Integration Module / Q&A

This module will be a catch-up module where we will go over anything that we need to from the 3 previous ones. It will also be an opportunity for questions and practicing what you have already learnt.

Workshop 5: Staying In Balance

  • what balance truly means for you and what your own unique needs are 
  • how to be both a receiver and transmitter of light-love consciousness 
  • how to create harmony within yourself - and what practices you need to stay in alignment

Workshop 6: Leading With Love & Wisdom

  • how to become one with the moment and the flow of creation and service from Source
  • how to show up and be a clear channel for light and love
  • how to dare to walk the path of the Conscious Hero in all areas of your life 

The programme will complete with the 'Conscious Hero' weekend workshop in London in October 2018 (6 & 7th) in which you will be invited to lead a practice of your choice (meditation, journeying, movement, etc).


The Conscious Hero programmes combine all my eight years of experience in the mind-body-spirit field, weaving together familiar concepts like the hero's journey with shamanic, movement and meditation practices. 

For more information, check out my 'Meet Me' page.


Thank you Ed for helping us find our inner compass, our life purpose and our power by giving us the space and tools to turn down the noise so we can hear the whispers of our beautiful, intelligent, fearless intuition.
— Louis

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  • Monday 29th of January
  • Tuesday 20th of February
  • Tuesday 20th of March
  • Tuesday 17th of April
  • Tuesday 15th of May
  • Tuesday 19th of June

You will receive a recording of each workshop for future reference, and to catch up if you miss one.

The programme will complete with the 'Conscious Hero' weekend workshop in London in October 2018 (6 & 7th) - alongside the 'Unlock Your Potential' group during which you will be invited to lead a practice of your choice (meditation, journey, movement, ceremony, etc)


  • 6 x 2-hour online group workshops in which you’ll receive insights, teachings and practices. These will be recorded so you can access them anytime you wish, or can catch up if you miss a session.
  • 1-2-1 sessions throughout the programme where we’ll dive deep into the present moment and work on your blocks, needs, desires, and longings. You’ll also get a chance to ask any questions about the process and receive feedback and guidance from myself. 
  • 6 months access to the online space the Temple’, in which you’ll receive a monthly group workshop, as well as monthly recordings and practices.
  • Tools, practices and resources to deepen your journey (including a small group / 1:1 mentoring structure to practice with fellow programme participants)
  • Access to the ‘Conscious Hero’ weekend workshop in London (6 & 7th October 2018)
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for sharing, support and questions
  • BONUS = 5 x ‘Awaken Your Nature’ recordings designed to boost your presence, love, creativity, energy and intuition


  • The pricing for the programme (excluding 1:1 sessions) is £640 - or £64 per month for 10 months.
  • Pay a minimum first deposit (non-refundable) of £64 now to secure your place.
  • Pay upfront and get 10% off so only pay £576.
  • Pricing for 1:1 sessions is £100 per session (60-90mins). You must agree to a minimum of 6 over the 10 months.
  • I am open to other exchange, concessions and instalments if needed - please get in touch to discuss. 


Get in touch to book a Skype or phone chat. We’ll connect first, then if we both feel the programme is right for you, we’ll discuss the practicalities of time and money - and find something that works with your budget, schedule and needs.

There will be a free 'Conscious Hero: Embody Your Calling' online gathering and Q&A on Sunday the 21st of January between 8.30 and 9.30pm London time in which you will be able to get a taste of what your journey might look like and ask any questions before signing up.