My Quest to Kythira

In August 2018 I felt called to go on my own Soul Quest to Kythira, a very mystical and ancient place. I was on my own with just with my backpack, following my guidance for 7 days. I was led to sleep on different beaches and in a cave, and do a very powerful Vision Quest (sit in nature for 3 days without food, phone or writing/reading).

My intention

  • Connect with self, nature and Spirit

  • Face some fears

  • Open my heart

My itinerary

  • 7 days on the island of Kythira, hiking and sleeping under the stars

What I did

  • Following my guidance every step of the way

  • 3-day Vision Quest

  • Full moon fire ceremony

  • Daily meditation, journalling, contemplation and reading

  • Shamanic journeying to connect with the spirits of the land

My Experience

Why did you go on a Soul Quest?

About a month before I left, it became clear during a meditation that I needed to go on a journey to connect with myself and my soul. It was really obvious from the beginning that Kythira was the place: something in me knew I needed to go and spend some time there.

I also got a sense that my intuition was telling me I needed to put myself through a Soul Quest to be able to talk about them, deliver them and invite others to experience them from a more authentic space. 

How were you feeling before the Soul Quest?

In the lead-up to my trip, emotions began to arise: I was triggered easily, and I knew something important needed to be dealt with. I was also feeling a need for space and connection with myself, for letting go of my phone and work for a while, and spending some powerful quality time with myself.

How are you feeling now?

After about a week of integration, I’ve had time to assimilate the changes, and I’m feeling much more grounded, present and embodied. I’ve found a very multi-dimensional way of being and working with the forces of life, nature, and spirit. And I feel more a sense of oneness and connection with the universe and the divine.

I’m also feeling a lot more free, emotionally and spiritually, and more myself, like I can express more. There’s been an unlocking of my being, of my soul perhaps.

Whats the biggest change you’ve seen since the Soul Quest?

The biggest change I’ve seen is what I would call an ‘embodied aliveness’. I feel more present, like my words come from a deeper space. I connect to my guidance a lot easier, and have more of a sense of a clarity and perspective on my life and on what it means to be human and a soul.

Can you tell us about one particular powerful moment?

On the 5th day, I was on a beautiful beach, connecting with the love of Earth, the stones and the cliffs. I felt at one point that I had to go and speak to a group of strangers, a bunch of friends who had just arrived. I could sense and see beautiful energy and a lot of heart in their interactions and who they were. My guidance was telling me that I had to approach them and share my truth with them. It was the hardest thing: I spent at least half an hour working with all the fears of rejection that came up. 

Finally, I went with the energy that moved me towards them, and I shared (feeling a little vulnerable and shaky) what I sensed about them. The moment I said they had amazing energy, their eyes light up with so much love and light. It was incredibly powerful to recognise the impact of speaking my truth to people, and to move through the fear of rejection and see the love on the other side of it. It was really a moment of facing my demons; it ended up being a beautiful interaction and it changed a lot of things for me.

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part were the synchronicities, the moments when I felt so connected and supported by the intelligence of life. Like when I decided to make a fire ceremony for the full moon, then found a ready-made fire a few meters from where I was sitting that only needed a few bits of paper and larger sticks for me to use.

There were so many of those powerful, beautiful, magical moments, and that was my favourite part: connecting to the forces of life and nature, and the magic of it all. The whole trip was blessed, from someone picking me up and driving me up the hill when I needed it, to finding the fire, to seeing hearts being shaped in the clouds, to being led to a beautiful cave to sleep.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going on a Soul Quest?

If it comes from within, a real call from your heart, then go for it. There will be a bit of resistance on embarking on the adventure, which might come as fear or practical things. I just invite you to say yes to that voice inside, and trust that we’ll create the perfect Soul Quest for you. It doesn’t have to be 7 days in nature, it can be renting a house by the sea and turning your phone off for a few days. So if you are feeling a call to come, to embark on one, then listen to your heart and say yes. This Soul Quest was one of the most challenging and yet transformative experiences I have ever done, and I can’t wait for my next one.