Crete’s mystery is extremely deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force branching warmly and beneficently through his veins, senses his soul begin to grow
— Nikos Kazantzakis

If you’re reading these words, then it’s time…

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It’s time for you to return to wholeness.

It’s time to set yourself free.

It’s time to come home to your true divine nature.

You see, within you lies a treasure.

An infinite, vast, abundant soul. Already free, joyful, and loving. In harmony with nature and with the entire universe.

A soul with unique gifts, talents and creative abilities. And a deep and innate wisdom, just waiting to be revealed. 

But in order to find this treasure, you must leave your ordinary world and go on your own life-changing Quest.


Journey to a magical island

At one of the most Southern points of Europe, at the crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle-East, lies an ancient, sacred and beautiful place: the isle of Crete.

Imagine abundant and alive nature, crystal-clear blue seas and pristine beaches, with snow-capped mountains, tropical vegetation and gushing fresh spring waters. Imagine bustling sea-side cities, sleepy villages and towering mountains ending in the sea.

Described as the root chakra of Europe, she yields incredible beauty, power and magic. Simply stepping foot on her shores kickstarts a whole process of inner transformation: an awakening of your senses, and a grounding into your own being, into the earth - and into your soul.

Come and work with me

I’m an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and a Soul Quest Facilitator: I access spiritual guidance to help you reconnect with your Higher Nature so you can experience deeper connection with yourself, others and the world.

I’ve been facilitating personal transformation work for individuals and groups for the past 10 years, from personal training and mentoring to meditation, movement, shamanism and body psychotherapy.

I have a deep love for nature, travel, photography, spirituality, personal development and community, and weave elements of these into each Soul Quest to create a powerful container for transformation.

Crete has been my home for the past 3 years, and I have a deep soul bond with this beautiful island. It’s a very special place; a true land of plenty full of sacred sites, amazing nature, peaceful places and conscious communities. She offers the perfect place for transformational work.

I get immense joy from seeing my clients’ development and growth, and am humbled to be of service in such a way. So while a Soul Quest may be challenging, it’s also a lot of fun and an amazing adventure.

We will create a unique Quest based around your needs

I will help you create a trip that is exactly what your soul is longing for.
I will connect you with the places and people that you need to meet.
I will be at your side when you need it the most.

Your entire experience is designed around a core ‘I AM’ intention for what will bring you the biggest transformation (for example I AM Freedom or I AM Peace). 

After connecting to your core intention, we work together as a team to intuitively create the perfect container for your experience, including 1:1 sessions with myself or other practitioners, daily activities, welcome and debrief sessions, and pre and post-trip calls.

Your Soul Quest could include:

  • Exploring your soul through photography

  • Going on a shamanic journey to meet your spirit guides and power animals

  • Going on a Vision Quest on your own in nature

  • Doing some volunteering with the local community

  • Doing a fire ceremony in nature or by the sea

  • Hiking in gorges or along coastline trails

  • Meeting local practitioners, creatives or artists

A Soul Quest can range from 1 day to 1 month, and may be added to any holiday or retreat. Rates are decided to fit your budget and needs.

Scroll down for some Examples.

How it works

Step 1: Once you've completed the Enquiry Form, I’ll get in touch with you to book a first conversation. We’ll connect, talk and tune-in to your ‘I AM’ intention for your Soul Quest.

Step 2: If we feel a Quest is right for you, I’ll invite you to pay a set-up deposit. We’ll then book our first Preparation Session, in which we’ll explore the deeper reasons for your trip, and get a first sense of what your Quest may look like. I’ll also send you a questionnaire with some simple preparation questions.

Step 3: Based on all this information, I’ll put together a few options for you: you’ll be provided with an example itinerary, including if needed a list of recommended providers for accommodation, travel, activities and services. We’ll connect again and talk through the ideas and options, and I’ll also send you further resources to prepare for your arrival.

Step 4: You’ll book certain key aspects of your trip directly (such as flights, accommodation or car rental). For most other activities and services, depending on your package I’ll either make the bookings myself or connect you with the relevant person. You’ll pay any external providers directly, depending on their terms of service. 

Step 5: We’ll connect once more during a second Preparation Session before you arrive to go over any last questions and concerns.

Step 6: Upon arrival, we’ll meet for an Opening Session and go over the various elements of your Soul Quest. You’ll be guided to connect again with your ‘I AM’ intention, and given some personal tasks to complete throughout your experience.

Step 7: During your Soul Quest, we’ll check in at regular intervals. You’ll be able to make adjustments to your arrangements, be advised on visits and activities, and receive any mentoring you may need. Depending on your package, I’ll also come to meet you and spend time with you throughout the experience. Each day, you’ll follow your intuition to explore the island, spend time with yourself, connect with nature, meet the local community, or attend a workshop or session from one of the recommended practitioners.

Step 8: Before you leave the island, we will meet again for a Completion Sessions to integrate and close your Quest. We’ll also take some time to celebrate your journey, and send you off in style. 

Step 9: Upon your return home, we’ll stay in touch and you’ll receive at least one Integration Session for support to integrate the changes and discoveries into your daily life.

This is not for everyone

Before you go any further, just know that Soul Quests are not for everyone. They are for people who want to get out of their comfort zone, and who care more about the experience they get out of a place than they do about its amenities. They are for people who care about their personal growth and spiritual evolution, but also enjoy the pleasure and beauty of life.

In order to get the most out of your experience, you are invited to stick to certain guidelines around and during your Quest. These include limiting your use of technology, limiting alcohol or smoking, following a plant-based or vegetarian diet, increasing your water intake and even fasting. These guidelines are decided together, in accordance with your current health.



Regardless of the season, Crete has so much to offer. Whether you’re craving a free-roaming adventure, a mountain hideaway, a sea-side stay or a village retreat (or a combination of all four), this ancient and sacred island has it all.

You may go on a Soul Quest to:

  • Reconnect with nature and the beauty of life

  • Expand your creativity

  • Find inner peace, quiet and stillness

  • Discover your calling and purpose

  • Connect with the local community

You may choose to:

  • Hire a car or jump on a bus, explore the stunning coastline and sleep in a hammock under the stars.

  • Sleep in a teepee, go hiking in nature and dance around a campfire.

  • Rent a room by the sea, swim naked in the Mediterranean and meditate in ancient temples.

  • Stay in a traditional Cretan stone house and work on a creative project next to a roaring fire.

  • Experience a Thai massage, aromatherapy, channeling session, energy healing or Yoga class.

For more examples, check out Simon’s experience, and my own Soul Quest to Kythira.

What you’ll get

A step outside of your comfort zone. How far you wish to go is completely up to you; you’ll be guided and supported to test yourself, face your fears and challenge your limitations. Every day, I’ll be inviting you to complete a specific practice or task, designed to challenge you gently to step beyond your limits.

Insider knowledge. You’ll be connected with the best providers and experiences Crete has to offer, that you may not otherwise hear about. Imagine visiting a new city and having a best friend on hand to point you in the right direction.

More time to yourself. Since most of the preparation is done by myself, there is no need for you to trawl through lists of AirBnbs or other websites. I’ll tell you exactly where to go, when to go, and who to meet.

Dedicated support. I’ll be available during the entirety of your stay in case of any questions, concerns, emergencies - or just to have a friendly chat.

Personal mentoring. From the moment we connect for our first Discovery Call, I’ll be there to assist you, answering any questions about the island and your inner journey. We’ll also plan some dedicated 1:1 times throughout your trip (each package includes at least two sessions with myself to go deeper).

Deep and lasting transformation. The effect of travelling in such a way is profound. Combined with my expertise in body-mind-spirit transformational work, this creates a unique container for personal change - on all levels of your being.

True freedom. The aim of each Soul Quest is to provide you with a safe, held and loving container for transformation, while enjoying as much freedom as possible. Instead of being tied to a daily schedule, it’s up to you what you choose to do every single day. Your itinerary is kept as flexible as possible (although in peak season bookings may be required).



Each Quest is adapted to fit your specific needs and budget: after our first Discovery Call I will send you various package options for you to choose from.


If we decide that a Soul Quest would be perfect for you, you will be asked to pay a deposit (normally 25% of the estimated price) prior to our first preparation call, with the remaining amount due before you travel. 


Discounts apply for couples and small groups - please get in touch for more information. 


Receive 4-months access to the online membership space ‘The Temple’, worth £88

What the price always excludes

  • Flights

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Transfers

  • Activities, workshops and sessions

  • Travel insurance

Cancellation & refund policy

Cancellation: Cancelling before our first preparation incurs no charge. Cancelation after the call but before 2 weeks to arrival incurs a 50% charge of your deposit. Cancelation within 2 weeks of arrival incurs a charge of 100% of your deposit. Please note that cancellation charges for accommodation, flights, car rental etc will differ according to each external provider.

Refund: I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy: if your overall experience is truly negative, I will refund you 100% of your payments towards your ‘Soul Quest’. This excludes any payments made directly to external providers: each have their own refund policy, so please check before you travel. 

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Enquiry Form


It's really easy to get started; just fill in the Enquiry Form below. I’ll then get in touch with you to book your free Discovery Call. We’ll connect, and go from there! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't understand it; how is it different to a concierge or travel agency?

  • How is it different to a retreat?

  • Are you able to book flights, car rental and accommodation for me?

  • I don't see why I need to pay for this service, I could do my own research and bookings myself

  • I also want it to be a holiday, not just do 'inner work’

  • Is there any preparation that needs to be done?

  • How long do you recommend I come for?

  • Can I come with a partner or a group of friends? What if we want to do different activities?

  • l've never done anything like this I'm a little nervous

  • What happens if I need extra support during the trip?

  • I don't want to be stuck in a location with tons of people

  • What if I don't like what you plan?

  • What guarantees and refunds do you offer?

  • What happens in case of emergency and cancellation?


I don't understand it; how is it different to a concierge or travel agency?

A Soul Quest is above all a personal transformation experience. Although there are certainly elements of concierge and travel agency activities, those are simply to enhance your experience and make it as effortless as possible. A key difference is that, except for some practitioners and sessions, I do not make bookings on your behalf. This is because I do not have the insurance needed to do so, so it is best that you go through the traditional methods and purchase from established and covered brands. 


How is it different to a retreat?

The main difference is that retreats are usually group activities that remain in the same place for the duration of the experience. Soul Quests are primarily individual experiences, happening at a variety of locations.


Are you able to book flights, car rental and accommodation for me?

No. I do not book flights, car hire or accommodation. I can send you lists of recommended providers, however it will be up to you to make the final booking. This is for insurance reasons, as I do not have insurance to cover all possible emergencies and cancellation scenarios. 


I don't see why I need to pay for this service, I could do my own research and bookings myself

Of course, you could spend time to do your own research, and create a Quest by yourself. You would however risk missing out on knowing which people, places or activities would really fit your needs. The main difference is that by purchasing a personalised Soul Quest, most of the research is done for you; you are presented with a small list of tailored options that you can pick from chosen specifically to align with your desired outcome. What's more, what I provide is unique; I am here to support your trip throughout your stay, both your outer and inner journey.


I also want it to be a holiday, not just do 'inner work’

The main aim of a Soul Quest is to give you absolute freedom in your day-to-day activities. You are encouraged to follow your needs and desires throughout each day. So if you feel a call to spend a couple of days lounging by a pool or on the beach, that is entirely up to you! That being said, I will also be encouraging you to pick activities that align with your deeper intention for the trip, and to notice any resistance that may arise to doing the deeper work :)


Is there any preparation that needs to be done? 

Depending on your intention and current state of physical health, you will be invited to prepare for your Quest by following certain guidelines. These include limiting your use of technology, cutting down on (or cutting out completely) any alcohol or smoking, following a plant-based or vegetarian diet, increasing your water intake and even fasting. You may wish to consult with a medical expert prior to departure if you are unsure about these guidelines. 


How long do you recommend I come for? 

To get the most out of your Quest, it is highly recommended to book at least 10 days. It takes on average 7 days to begin to relax and drop in: all days after that are exponentially transformative.


Can I come with a partner or a group of friends? What if we want to do different activities?

The main thing to remember is that Soul Quests are personal experiences. You may of course choose to travel to Crete with a partner or a group of friends, however it is vital that you allow yourselves absolute freedom while you are on the island, to take time to be with yourself and follow your own intuition. This is something we will talk about in our preparation calls, which will be done with each individual as well as with the group as a whole.


l've never done anything like this I'm a little nervous

It is absolutely natural to feel a little bit of nervousness before your trip, even a little bit of resistance. That is because you are going beyond your comfort zone, and stepping into the unknown. But remember that there is nothing to worry about: you can get in touch with me at any point with questions or concerns. Once you arrive on Crete, people often feel all their doubts begin to evaporate!


What happens if I need extra support during the trip?

We stay in communication throughout your Quest, checking-in in at regular intervals, sometimes daily if necessary. If it becomes clear that you need extra support, either myself or another practitioner will be able to help you, over the phone or on location. You can also book extra 1:1 sessions at a discounted rate.


I don't want to be stuck in a location with tons of people

Each Soul Quest is designed according to your unique needs and desires. If you feel a craving for being a hermit and escaping to a mountain top for a week, then that can of course be arranged. Even in the height of summer, there are plenty of spots on the island where you can go to that will not be full of people. 


What if I don't like what you plan?

I will always do my best to put together an itinerary for your Quest that feels great. If however you find yourself truly disliking one portion of the trip, once you have communicated it to me I will do what I can to change your arrangements and find something more suitable to you. We will stay in communication to make sure your needs are met.


What guarantees and refunds do you offer?

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: please refer to the Pricing section for more information.


What happens in case of emergency and cancellation?

In case of an emergency situation, either myself or someone from my team will be available to assist you. Please note that it is essential that you purchase your own travel insurance to cover for all possibilities. In case of emergency cancellation of your trip, please refer to the cancellation policy for the Soul Quest. If you do need to cancel, I will do my best to make any changes to your trip as effortless as possible.