Unique and exciting workshops to experience the power and magic of this beautiful island.

Crete is an ancient and powerful place. A profound energy here awakens your senses, intuition and power.

I invite you to experience this energy through photography, nature, meditation and self-discovery.

These workshops can be added to your holiday or retreat. Get in touch to discuss your needs!



Discover the incredible magic and beauty of Crete through a creative and inspiring exploration of photography. 

I will take you through playful and meditative exercises to reconnect with your most authentic and instinctive creative style. Together we will explore our heart connection with the world around us, and dive into its light, colour, textures and sights.

After having been on a photography ‘session’ with Ed, I won’t be able to visit the same place without seeing the magic of it! Using photography as a medium - it became very alive and graceful. Sharing and seeing results of others was a delight.
— Maria

We will begin with a short meditation to connect, and I will frame our activities for the workshop. I will then run us through a series of exercises focused on getting you connected to your camera and the world around you new in a new and exciting way.

These will cover three main themes: intuitive shooting, light and framing. After each exercise we will come together to share our insights and experiences. I will also be able to answer any questions throughout the workshop.

We will finish by sharing and talking about your favourite shots from the workshop, and a hot cup of tea or cold drink.

The workshop is for all levels, from beginners to advanced. The aim is to provide you with a new method to connecting with photography in an intuitive manner, while also giving you some tools to improve your skill and composition.


  • 3 hours

  • All levels welcome

  • Use either a digital camera or smartphone

  • Morning or late afternoons

  • Beautiful secret locations around Chania, Apokoronas and Akrotiri

What a joyful journey it was into the land of awe, innocence and magic of photography gently led by Edward’s loving and inspiring presence combined with his experience and knowledge of photography. Thank you Ed for creating the space to explore and feel free and safe at the same time.
— Amaryllis

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Be guided on a journey of personal discovery through mindfulness, meditation and time in nature. Connect with yourself and your inner world while immersed in Crete’s beautiful essence.

We will start by meeting and walking into nature together, to find a quiet space where we will sit and begin with a first group meditation.

You'll be asked to connect with your intention for the journey. Based on this, I'll lead the group through a series of exercises such as group meditation, silent walking, personal contemplation and connection with nature.

In-between each exercise we will walk a little and come back together to connect and share any insights. I will be available for any questions or for any extra support.

Towards the end of the journey we will come to a final spot where we'll share some iced tea, before closing the journey. We'll then make our way back to the starting point together.


  • €60 for half-day (3 1/2 hours)

  • €120 for full day (8 hours) - lunch not included

  • For individuals or small groups

  • Designed around the participant’s needs

  • Beautiful secret locations around Chania, Apokoronas and Akrotiri

TO BOOK: Either get in touch or book directly via AirBnb