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Would you love to experience deeper connection with yourself, others and the world?

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In our busy modern society, many of us feel increasingly disconnected from our roots and inner self. And as a result, from the world we live in.

‘I AM: Awaken Your Nature’ invites you on a meditative journey through a series of 62 images of the sacred island of Crete in Greece, to rediscover your interconnection with nature, life, humanity and the cosmos.

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Each page encourages you to pause, breathe and activate your intrinsic bond with the unseen, intelligent and loving presence which permeates the entire universe.

Through evocative images combined with simple statements, it guides you to see the world beyond your day-to-day perception and rediscover your sense of wonder, beauty and innocence.

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Designed for all levels of experience, the book provides an easy way to drop into yourself and access all the benefits of meditation such as deeper presence, self-awareness, inner peace and clarity.


Access free meditations, audio suggestions and online events to support you on your journey, including a 21-day Challenge to get the most out of it.


4 years in the making, ‘I AM: Awaken Your Nature’ is crammed full of wisdom and insight, distilled into just over 100 pages of images and text.


This book is designed to allow your deeper intuitive self to awaken. Whether you choose to follow the simple instructions described at the beginning of the book or make up your own, there is nothing to do but to allow the process to unfold.


Rediscover your sense of wonder as you slow down, breathe and absorb the evocative images.


  1. How is it different to a standard photography book?
  2. How does it actually work?
  3. What results will I get?
  4. Can it bring up resistance and fear?
  5. What if I need extra support?
  6. l'm new to this work, I'm afraid it won't work for me
  7. I don't believe it works
  8. How can I get the most out of it?
  9. Can I return it?

1. How is it different to a standard photography book?

The main difference is the intention with which it has been created. As well as being a beautiful book full of evocative photography, it is designed to take you on an emotional journey to rediscover the wonder and innocence of your True Self. It is the end result of nearly a decade of experience in the body-mind-spirit field, and is deeply rooted in my understanding of shamanism, energy and consciousness.

2. How does it actually work?

Everything in the universe is made of energy and consciousness. Each image and statement in the book have been selected to connect with the energetic field of a higher consciousness. Through breathing and relaxing, your ego self enters a quieter and more meditative state, in which you become increasingly receptive to this frequency and vibration. It’s a bit like tuning-in to a new radio station: you ‘plug-in’ to another aspect of your true being. In short, you shift your focus to what you want to feel, i.e to the beauty of your True Self.

As you shift your focus and connect with this higher frequency, any thoughts, feelings, sensations or memories that no longer align with may arise to be purified and cleansed. There is nothing for you to do but to notice, observe, and keep breathing.

3. What results will I get?

Results will vary from individual to individual, so it’s impossible to tell you exactly what you will experience. Even from day-to-day, what you receive will be different. What I can guarantee however is that the infinite intelligence of the ‘I AM’ will bring you exactly what you need, every single time.

4. Can it bring up resistance and fear?

Yes, it can - and that’s completely normal. You see, there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to change, and that doesn’t want to reconnect with your true inner nature. So fear and resistance can be part of the process of awakening. However, you may experience that they no longer have a strong hold on you, as your focus shifts from what you don’t want to feel to what you do want to feel (i.e your True ‘I AM’ Self).

5. What if I need extra support?

With the book, you can access an online section with some extra resources to help you. These include two meditations that can guide you to experience deep-held emotions in a safe, easy and pleasurable. Try these first, and if you still want some help, feel free to reach out me and I will do my best to support you or point you in the right direction.

6. I’m new to this work, I’m afraid it won’t work for me

That’s a completely natural thought to have. But in reality it’s only a belief, a little bit of resistance to the process. Observe it, thank it, and stop taking any notice of it. Just remember also that there is nothing to get ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Whatever your experience is, is perfect. The book is designed for absolutely everyone, from complete beginners to experts in the body-mind-spirit field. Simply follow the instructions at the beginning of the book and go from there. And if you’re still unsure, give it a go first for free by signing up to the 8-day Awakening Experience.

7. I don’t believe it works

That’s great to acknowledge, thank you for your honesty. Only you can feel whether this is right for you or not. The mind (and your beliefs) may attempt to get in the way, but if you feel a call within, I would invite you to trust that first and foremost.

8. How can I get the most out of it?

You can use this book as much as you like. You may choose to scan the pages once, or use it every day. That’s up to you! If you would like extra support to develop a practice of working with this book, there is a 21-day ‘Awaken Your Nature Challenge’ that will guide you to use it every day for nearly a month, for you to get the most out of your experience.

9. Can I return it?

Of course. Return policies vary depending on where you purchase the book, so check with whoever you bought it from.

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I AM: Awaken Your Nature (Book & Resources)
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