What Is The 'I AM' Concept?

If you’ve been anywhere near social media recently, you’ll have seen that I have been playing with a recurring theme in a lot of my posts; the ‘I AM’. From photos to videos via the new book, with titles such as ‘I AM beauty’ or ‘I AM community’.

But what exactly is this concept? How does it work? And what is its impact?

In this post I dive into the theory behind the idea, and its incredible benefits for self-healing and regulation.

First of all, a reminder of what you are

As a human being, you have a unique place. You are part of the natural world, and yet are also far more than that. You have a physical form, and yet are also an expression of energy and consciousness.

However, like most other human beings, you tend to forget this, believing instead only in the physical self and living behind a mask, a personality and a made-up identity. Perhaps sensing that there is more to you than you know, but without really being able to put your finger on what.

We don’t always see reality

As human beings, we are born into a shared energy field; of the family, the tribe, the collective. We need this shared field for healthy development, regulation and harmony.

However because of many disturbances within this field, we experience rejection, control, humiliation, abandonment etc, leading to disharmony, fear and trauma within each of us.

Our brains, hearts, eyes and entire beings are deeply impacted by this, and our minds develop images about ourselves, others and the world that often have nothing to do with actual reality.

This has a huge impact on how we perceive the world we live in: our eyes don’t always see reality, instead perceiving only what matches the false images in the brain.

Images speak a thousand words

Images speak volumes to our unconscious and subconscious minds, evoking memories, imagination, innocence and wonder.

Since the dawn of humankind, humans have expressed themselves in symbols. Our ability to dream, imagine and work with imagery has opened many doors in our consciousness and evolution.

However in this age of technology, we are bombarded by external imagery from all sides, from television to social media via advertising. Without being aware of it, they weave themselves into our subconscious minds, reinforcing the false images in our brains.

We spend time looking at screens instead of connecting with our own inner images. And we don’t even take them in properly: instead we flicker, we scroll or we swipe.

Fall in love with the world

Take a little moment now, and remember the last time you stopped to admire beauty, either in real life or through a photograph or piece of art. Take a few breaths and connect to how it made you feel.

Did it bring you more joy, peace, serenity? A new sense of wonder, expansion, innocence?

This happened because harmony of colour, light, and form are truly healing for our eyes and heart.

You see, when our eyes see harmony, beauty and unity, it informs our heart - and we feel love. And by regulating our eyes and hearts, we begin to feel our shared connection with life, nature and humanity.

It’s a kind of magic

This is what the I AM concept is based on; through the combination of images and I AM statements, you are invited to truly take in each image or video, allowing your eyes and heart to regulate, and feeling your connection with a shared energy field of deep harmony, love and beauty.

Traditional tribal cultures had a deep understanding of this process: art, ritual, storytelling and ceremony were done with the intention of re-harmonising the individual, the collective, and as a result, their environment.

The impact is unique to each individual; whatever needs regulating in each person will arise.

Some people so far have been reporting for example:

  • Experiencing their true bond with nature and a desire to spend more time outside

  • Remembering their true freedom, beyond their current life and personality

  • Feeling a new sense of calm and peace

  • Rediscovering their love for their imagination and wonder

Want a taste?

So now I would like to invite you to experience this for yourself. Here’s how:

I will also be launching free bi-monthly live online I AM meditation circles, taking you each time on a different journey through photo/video. I will always post the recording afterwards so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube (Edward Pike).

Happy I Am-ing!

Ed xx

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