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3 Inspiring Talks for Deeper Connection

Christmas is upon us. And with it, carb-induced comas in front of the same old Christmas movies.

How about doing something different this year, and instead watching some heart-opening talks from inspiring experts?

Here are three of my favourites, all of which will invite you to think differently about yourself and your interconnected nature - and potentially inspire a new way of being and connecting.

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Spiritual Awakening For Modern Seekers: A Beginner’s Guide To Enlightenment

The following 5-part blog series is an attempt to demystify what, for a lot of us, remains shrouded in some kind of vague fog, both in our own minds as well as on the internet-o-sphere: the famous concept of ‘Spiritual Awakening’.

From my own experience, having a little bit of background knowledge and understanding can bring greater peace, compassion and ease on this rollercoaster that is the path of awakening.

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