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The Art Of Listening To Life


As urban human beings cluttered together in artificial cities and dwellings, we tend to live surrounded by noise.

The drills of the pesky roadworks just outside your bedroom window; the beep of the overground train as the door closes on your backpack; or the high pitch of the dubstep-techno-remix playing through the maxed-out earphones of the angry-looking youth sat next to you on the bus.

Noisy, for sure. It's so easy to get distracted by the constant activity, the milling of people, the chatter of the world. So easy to become hypnotised by. So easy to get lost in.

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Are You Ready To Blossom?

When a rose comes to blossom, it must first take the time to plant its roots and ground itself before growing strong and beautiful. And only once it has gone through a whole transformation process, from seed to rose, does it open up - at exactly the right time for it. At the precise, perfect, divine time for it.

Our own journeys are a bit like these roses: when we align ourselves with the life and wisdom within us, we must undergo a transformation process. We must let go of our old structures; our old identities that want to keep us safe and secure.

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