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On The Health Of Politics

I don't usually talk about politics. For years, I took a kind of backseat approach to them, under the excuse of "being spiritual", i.e. sceptical about the actual intentions and impact of the suited and booted men in higher powered positions around the world, but also in denial of their influence on my life.

And while I still believe that profound and deep change is coming from the bottom up (from creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, and free-thinkers of this world), I now also see how important it is for us to be as involved and vocal as we can about the running of the world we live in, as futile as it sometimes may feel.

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How to Be Sick (or The Return of the Rest-Cure)

For the past few weeks I've had my head in a little wonderfully-titled book named "How To Be Idle". The first few chapters have turned out to a be a must-read: a beautifully written eulogy to downtime and rest, an ode to the resurrection of long lunches and afternoon naps, and a call to the end of the current societal model which tends to value the quantity of work generated instead of its quality.

It has really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about life, and helped me let go of the subconscious feelings of guilt I tended to experience whenever my waking and working schedule would not fit into the 9-to-5 model - the ultimate modern system for productivity and success - which, as a self-employed and creative worker, rarely does.

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Sweet Release: How To Find Freedom From The Voices Within

I used to be very strict with myself. Like a stern teacher or parent, I would always reprimand myself for what I wasn't, what I did wrong, what wasn't correct. I would shout and scream and throw internalised tantrums, or sigh with melancholy and despair at my failings. I was trying hard to stay within the mental picture I had of my life. Of how I should be acting, talking, moving, dressing. Whenever I felt like I had messed up, stepped out of line, or said or done the wrong thing, I would experience a storm of self-judgment, self-hatred, self-destruction. Sometimes loud and clear, sometimes subtle and manipulative, from the angry "There, you see, you've done it again" to the sad "You'll never change, that's just who you are".

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Are You Ready To Blossom?

When a rose comes to blossom, it must first take the time to plant its roots and ground itself before growing strong and beautiful. And only once it has gone through a whole transformation process, from seed to rose, does it open up - at exactly the right time for it. At the precise, perfect, divine time for it.

Our own journeys are a bit like these roses: when we align ourselves with the life and wisdom within us, we must undergo a transformation process. We must let go of our old structures; our old identities that want to keep us safe and secure.

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Why Changing The World Starts With You

Yesterday as I was walking along Oxford Street, I came across someone standing outside a McDonalds, armed with a megaphone and shouting at all the passers-by of the evil nature of their food and ethics. Now, don't get me wrong, I am in no way a supporter of the fast food chain - despite having had my fair share of Maccy D's in the past - but their was something strangely disconnected about his presence, his energy, his words and his message.

As I walked past, my body wanted to get as far away as possible from him, without even listening to more than a few words of what he had to say.

Why? Because all I could feel from him was his fear and his anger, projected onto others with incredible force and dominance.

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Oneness What? How To Feel Like You Belong

I've always had a strong belief that I didn't belong. I was the Englishman growing up in France. I was the French guy going to University in the UK.

Always a nagging sensation of being different. Of not quite fitting in. Of being disconnected, even when in the presence of the closest of friends.

Sound familiar?

Over my years of working with others and getting to understand the human psyche at a deeper level, I can easily say that this is in fact very common.

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