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How to Make Friends With Your Inner Story-teller

We are all marvellous story-tellers, blessed with the ability to make things up and to use our infinite imagination to bring stories, movies and myths to life. At our core, this is one of our most powerful qualities: the stories we tell are capable of creating healing, connection and love as well as separation, disconnect and fear.

However this innate quality of ours tends to runs amok within our minds, creating wild fantasies and dramatic verses to even the most benign of situations.

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What Children Can Teach You About Connecting With Your Body

Feeling disconnected from yourself and your body? Time to look at how kids do it...

Ah the joys of being a child! No bills to pay, no boss to please, no pension to save (yet). 

Remember running around carefree all day long, before crashing and sleeping whenever you felt like it? The good old days, right?

As we grow older, we tend to forget the innocent sense of play and exploration we had as children, and instead become wrapped in our "adult" ways of thinking, moving and being.

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5 Secret Benefits To Moving More

If you're still struggling to find reasons to exercise, here are 5 secret benefits that will change your mind -for good!I understand. You've heard it all before.

Exercise more, eat less. That's the key to living a healthier and perhaps happier life.

You know the drill by heart now:

Exercise will help you burn fat. Exercise will boost your energy. Exercise will make you live longer.

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8 Tricks To Stay Healthy This Summer

8 tricks to stay healthy this summer and have a blast - while taking care of yourself. That's it. It's July. Summer has officially started.

After the marathon of winter and the last minute spring sprint to burn that tightly-held Christmas excess, it's time for you to venture out into the wild open beaches, cities and mountains of the world for that eagerly-awaited holiday.

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