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The Art Of Listening To Life


As urban human beings cluttered together in artificial cities and dwellings, we tend to live surrounded by noise.

The drills of the pesky roadworks just outside your bedroom window; the beep of the overground train as the door closes on your backpack; or the high pitch of the dubstep-techno-remix playing through the maxed-out earphones of the angry-looking youth sat next to you on the bus.

Noisy, for sure. It's so easy to get distracted by the constant activity, the milling of people, the chatter of the world. So easy to become hypnotised by. So easy to get lost in.

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What The **** Are You Waiting For?

I've had a bit of a journey with my blog posts. As an expression of my thoughts, feelings and deeper self, they've evolved from social rants to spiritual concepts, from fitness tips to mindfulness tricks. Over the course of the 4 or so years I've been blogging, I've tried to stay true to myself as much as possible, and my own development has often been reflected in the words I write.

One of my greatest learnings has been to lead by example, instead of preaching from my digital soap box. Yet today I feel called to crack my whip. I feel pulled to lay out the truth, loud and clear. It might not be pretty, and I have no idea how people will respond, but I sense the need for it.

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What Acorns Can Teach You About Your Body

We're all busy people. Busy doing, trying, striving. Reaching for the heights, the finish line, the ultimate goal. Day in, day out, we all attempt to improve our knowledge, our bank account, our social status, our business.

The fact is, it's human nature: like an acorn turning into an oak tree, we are born to expand and to grow into the best version of ourselves.

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Oneness What? How To Feel Like You Belong

I've always had a strong belief that I didn't belong. I was the Englishman growing up in France. I was the French guy going to University in the UK.

Always a nagging sensation of being different. Of not quite fitting in. Of being disconnected, even when in the presence of the closest of friends.

Sound familiar?

Over my years of working with others and getting to understand the human psyche at a deeper level, I can easily say that this is in fact very common.

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