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The Gift of the 'I AM': The Story (Part 1)

It’s been nearly a year ago that I launched the ’I AM’ book.   And what a ride it’s been: at times exhilarating, at times frustrating, at times exciting, at times confusing. At times I've doubted it, wanted to let it all go. Other times I’ve felt completely re-inspired and re-energised. I knew in my heart that something special had been birthed through me, yet I didn’t yet comprehend or even begin to understand its true power and potential.

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My Cretan Love Story

My love story with Crete began in 2014, when I came here for 2 weeks with my partner at the time. I remember spending a week free camping on the smaller isle of Gavdos, living mostly naked, eating out of tins, heading to the taverna in the evenings, waking up to the sun and heading straight into the sea.

I remember feeling an awakening, like a return to something deeper, wilder, free-er. Something that felt more like home than anything I had experienced up until then.

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3 Inspiring Talks for Deeper Connection

Christmas is upon us. And with it, carb-induced comas in front of the same old Christmas movies.

How about doing something different this year, and instead watching some heart-opening talks from inspiring experts?

Here are three of my favourites, all of which will invite you to think differently about yourself and your interconnected nature - and potentially inspire a new way of being and connecting.

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Spiritual Awakening For Modern Seekers: A Beginner’s Guide To Enlightenment

The following 5-part blog series is an attempt to demystify what, for a lot of us, remains shrouded in some kind of vague fog, both in our own minds as well as on the internet-o-sphere: the famous concept of ‘Spiritual Awakening’.

From my own experience, having a little bit of background knowledge and understanding can bring greater peace, compassion and ease on this rollercoaster that is the path of awakening.

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