The Gift of the 'I AM': The Wisdom (Part 2)

This is your higher purpose: to radiate for no reason other
than to be alive
— Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

A healing tool of deep magic and beauty 

This book is far more than a simple photographic book. It is a tool for humanity to remember a deep, ancient truth that lies beneath the surface of your personality, mask and who you think you are. When you dive in deep and work with it over time, it awakens parts of you that are lying dormant. It moves something deep within your cells and DNA, and reconnects you with an ancient inner knowing of what you truly are.

Your true nature

Each of us is born with an inner knowing of our true nature as pure energy and consciousness, deeply connected with the entire universe. As a child, we live from this inner knowing: we are one with our bodies, one with the Earth and one with the universal energy of the cosmos. We flow with life, with all our feelings, impulses and needs. 

Over time however, through conditioning and our own painful experiences, we begin to disconnect with this true nature, getting slowly trapped in the story of who we think we are.

This story varies person per person, yet one common thread is our perceived separation from others and the world around us, and our identification of ourselves as solely our individual body, disconnected from the Earth and the cosmos. 

Hidden in plain sight

However, our true nature remains here, hidden in plain sight, underneath our day-to-day personality and perception. We get glimpses of it throughout our lives; we sense that there is a lot more to us than what we think and what meets the eye. These glimpses are remnants of our childhood, an inner knowing held deep within our DNA and within our cellular memory of our natural state of being, connected with the deeper truth of what we are.

Accessing the field of your true nature

Our true nature exists as an invisible field of energy and consciousness, accessible within our beings as it is within every single atoms of the universe. This is the theory of the holographic universe: that everything we see in the universe is reflected in everything else in the universe. 

As you play with the I AM, you enter the heart of the holographic universe, and step into your true creative power, as Life itself. This is something quite extraordinary: every shift, insight and frequency change you experience inside your DNA affects every single atom in the universe. Through your own evolution, you literally support the evolution of all beings.

Working with the languages of light, vibration and frequency 

The I AM contemplations transmit large amounts of information (consciousness) through the language of light (energy i.e vibration and frequency). Light carries an incredible amount of information in a very pure and unadulterated way, and goes far beyond our five senses. We can only see 2% of the full light spectrum: 98% of what is going on around us is invisible to our eyes and senses. The combination of imagery and words connect you to specific frequencies, allowing you to receive pure, unfiltered energy and consciousness straight into your body (as a measure of reference, physical chemicals molecules only keep 1% of their original information when taken into the body, while frequencies maintain 100% - hence the recent development of energy and sound healing vs allopathic i.e chemical medicine).

A journey of deep embodiment

As you contemplate the images, you allow the frequency of the image and words to enter your aura and reach deep into your physical body. When you do so, and allow the transmission beyond your mind and feelings, your entire being - including your DNA -  responds. This is the medicine of the ‘I AM’.

The way this ‘medicine’ works is either to trigger a shadow response (all the unhealed aspects of the ego self) or to reveal its gift i.e the experience of your true nature beyond your thinking min d (through feelings, images, knowings).You must allow either response, and work with whatever surfaces, including any blockages and resistance

As your body receives the vibration at a cellular level, it receives the frequencies of deeper planes of reality. With a clear and open mind, as well as emotional maturity and containment, gradually and more vibration (and therefore information and energy) are brought into the cells of your body.

Over time, your body responds by integrating the frequencies, and you align with your true nature and inner knowing. As you allow the higher frequencies to resonate within you, you allow them into your DNA, heart and mind. As you embody them, you begin to reconnect with your authentic self, your unique beauty, spiritual gifts and voice. 

The Great Awakening

As your life shifts, you come closer to your higher purpose and become a true part of the great awakening that is currently sweeping through humanity. This awakening is the result of collectively moving through and healing our collective shadow patterns. In doing so, we access more of our true gifts and true nature. On a personal level, when this happens you feel a rush of energy and light overcome your being, and begin to radiate and emanate your true nature as pure light, life and love.

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