The Gift of the 'I AM': The Practice (Part 3)

Time and repetition

In order for you to truly allow the magic to work, you have to work with the book over time. Repetition and depth are crucial. If you skim the pages once you may feel something, but it’s only when you work with the book over weeks, even months, that you allow the transmission to work and experience the remembering of your true nature at a cellular and soul level. 

Allowing the frequency deep into your cells and DNA 

As you work with book, it’s important that you engage in contemplation with your entire being, opening your body, heart and energy to receive the transmission from the words and images deep into your cells and even into your DNA. Incredible amounts of information are carried by the vibration of the light and words. In order for it to reach deep into your being and move the deeper parts of you, you must contemplate and listen to it with your full body.

Make it a somatic experience

The way I like to work with it is standing in front of an open page, knees bent, taking a few deep breaths, and allowing my body to respond in whatever way feels best. Some days I experience a simple swaying, some days I am still, other days the movement is more pronounced. 

Keep your knees bent and stay mobile. Notice any tensions and breathe to relax: in order to physically embody the living transmission of light, you must experience a deep relaxation of your being.

Keep your ‘inner ears’ open, listening deeply to any subtle shifts in your energy, feelings, thoughts, impulses and sensations. Listen to responses in your gut, heart and body.

The transmission works deeply, all the way into your body’s physical systems and biochemistry. You must learn to trust your body and follow its needs and impulses as you journey through the I AM.

Follow your intuition

The I AM book is not meant to be linear. It is a deeply personal journey guided by your higher intelligence. Allow the book to open at random. Play with different images at different times, for different lengths of time. Listen to your inner knowing to determine how long to focus on a specific image. 

The whole purpose is to allow the transmission to enter deep inside you and inter your heart, the seat of your intuition. In order for this to happen, you must place your trust in your inner knowing and give authority to the heart. Over time, this will translate to how you live your life, leading from the heart instead of with the mind.

Your natural genius can only flower through your heart.
— Richard Rudd, THE Gene Keys

 Allow the shadow aspect

As you work with the book, you will most likely encounter blockages or shadow patterns, either as emotional states or physical manifestations. You may also at first find resistance showing up as a judgement, opinion or belief. 

For example, the shadow aspect of 'I AM Stillness’ can express itself as laziness, depression and lethargy. By working with the book, this shadow aspect may become more obvious and prominent; you may find yourself slipping into it for a little while. As you continue working with it however, this will eventually shift and transform into its medicine and true expression: rest, relaxation, stillness and surrender. 

Working with the shadow aspect is a crucial part of the journey: the images that cause the biggest inner reaction are the ones that have the potential to bring the biggest transformation.

Writing about the journey to integrate 

As you journey through the book, I recommend that you write about your journey.  This allows you to integrate the shifts into your consciousness. Follow your intuition as to when to take notes, either directly after a session, or on a regular basis.

The end result of the journey: to lead with the heart

Over time of working with the I AM, you begin to follow the voice of the heart, as your intellect naturally begins to serve your deeper knowing, instead of the reverse. You begin to embody and express your natural joy, compassion and power. You discover a new sense of inner freedom, inner knowing and inner wisdom, and rediscover your sense of wonder and innocence, that childlike quality that is available to us when we live in deep connection with our true nature.

The future world will be a world created by adults who can see through the eyes of children.
— Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Tools to take your I AM journey a step further 

In order to deepen your journey either with the I AM book or with my free visual contemplations through my site and social media, I recommend that you sign up to You’ll find there free resources, meditations and a 21-Day email challenge that is the best way to get the most out of your experience.

I also invite you to share about your experience: join ‘The ‘ I AM’ Experiment' chat group on Whatssap to connect with a community of like-minded souls, share your challenges, insights and discoveries, and receive new ways of working with the book.

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