A Call to Adventure

If you’re reading these words, I am going to venture a guess; there is a part of you longing for something deeper. For a simpler, purer and more heartfelt way of being. A part that knows that there is much more to you, to the world and to life than meets the eye – but you just can’t quite put your finger on what that is.

If this is the case, then you are feeling what Joseph Campbell calls the ‘call to adventure’: the whispering of your intuition, inviting you to embark on a journey back to your soul.

You see, in our modern societies and cities, everything is set up to keep you on a superficial way of being: in your head, your worries, your ambition, your fears. Preoccupied by your to-do list, bank account, Facebook profile and neighbours. Away from your body, your breath, and ultimately, your feelings, roots and power.

In order to reconnect with the deeper part of you, you may need to leave your ‘ordinary world’ for a while, and venture out into the unknown.

That is what a Soul Quest offers: a container for self-inquiry and transformation, away from your normal day-to-day routines and habits. 

By leaving your ordinary world, you begin a journey into yourself. You enter the temple of the Earth and nature. Free from all the day-to-day routines, distractions and addictions, there is no more space to hide: anything that needs to be seen, felt and healed within is given space to arise. You invite it to do so, simply with your intention.

This creates resistance at first. Joseph Campbell calls this ‘threshold guardians’: internal fear and doubts, which often even manifest as outer challenges that appear very real. It takes a first act of will and courage to move beyond these.

When you do, you give power to your intention. You say yes to that little voice inside, and set many supportive forces into motion. Invisible, loving forces of Life and nature, bringing all the experiences, challenges and situations to you that are needed for your evolution. Thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories arise. People appear to support you.

As you journey forwards, you go deeper into yourself. You begin to go beyond the mask of your identity, noticing the ways of being and acting that are inauthentic to you. You allow feelings to be moved inside you. And you are deeply supported in this process.

On a Soul Quest, I am with you every step of the way, offering my guidance, a little voice of encouragement and insight when you need it the most, at the times when you feel like running back to the safety of your ordinary world again.

Eventually you enter the innermost cave of the psyche, and face your demons, ie old parts of your ego that no longer serve you. In that moment, these parts transform, and you resurrect into your heart.

In that moment, a soul retrieval occurs: fragmented and lost parts of yourself return, dormant parts of you are activated. You come back to life. Back to your body, your breath, your senses, your sexuality. Back to your wild, intuitive, creative, connected, innocent self.

Back to the Earth and to your true inner nature.

If these words resonate, I would love to invite you to a Soul Quest in Crete, working together while exploring some of the island’s most beautiful and powerful spots. We can mix hiking, photography, vision questing, relaxation, contemplation and exploration, for the journey of a lifetime! Find out more here.