To all the leaders.
To all the creatives, artists and freelancers.
To all the healers, empaths and sensitives.
To all the change-makers, visionaries and vision-holders.
To all the earth-workers and earth warriors.

The time is now.

The time is now for you to step into your true purpose.
The time is now for you to say YES to your soul’s mission.
The time is now for you to fully embody your gifts, your beauty and your highest self.

The animals are dying. The Earth is ravaged.
The planet needs you.
The planet needs you to step into your light, your power and your truth.
To share your unique gifts with the world.
To show up and be of service to the Earth and to humanity.

Through your art, ideas and projects.
Through your businesses, organisations and practices.
Through your everyday actions, intentions and choices.

We must come together.
And make the world green again.
We must support each other,
Hear each other’s stories and wisdom,
Learn, dream, collaborate and co-create,
Transform and grow,
As we remember,
As we unite,
As we awaken to the Truth;
That underneath it all,
We are Earth.

If you are ready
To step into your true power,
And be of service in your own unique way,
Come and join us online.
Once a month we meet and connect,
We share our stories and insights.
We work through our blocks and our resistance.
So that we can be clear, pure and loving channels for Life,
Remembering the true beauty and joy 
Of our human existence 
And returning once again
To the temple of our bodies
And the temple that is Earth.

More information: www.edwardpike.net/temple