My Cretan Love Story

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My love story with Crete began in 2014, when I came here for 2 weeks with my partner at the time. I remember spending a week free camping on the smaller isle of Gavdos, living mostly naked, eating out of tins, heading to the taverna in the evenings, waking up to the sun and heading straight into the sea.

I remember feeling an awakening, like a return to something deeper, wilder, free-er. Something that felt more like home than anything I had experienced up until then.

At the time I’d been living in London for 7 years and was trying to move forwards with my life. I was feeling extremely stuck. I was working as a personal trainer and had recently completed courses on entrepreneurship and intuitive mentoring, hoping for change. In reality, I was completely lost.

Then I came to Crete for 2 weeks and everything changed. Something here drew me in and awoke in me on that beach in Gavdos. Like coming home to something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

From the very beginning, I’ve been following this same feeling, slowly allowing myself to be embraced by it.

It’s taken a while to fully arrive. This is something I’ve seen not only in myself but also in others: it takes a while for us city-dwellers to really land into the depth, purity and magic that this place offers.

Through this journey I've come to recognise that Crete truly is a land of plenty, a piece of heaven on earth.

I’m not the only one saying this: many many people are aware of its incredible energy and consciousness. It’s not by chance that the Minoan civilisation - the first advanced civilisation in Europe - flourished here thousands of years ago.

And it’s not by chance that hundreds of us have been drawn to Crete’s shores in recent years. People of a similar vibe and mindset, a similar longing for living in harmony with each other and the planet, and a similar longing for creating a better future for all.

There’s something very powerful here: a deep, ancient, wild, loving presence.

Maybe it comes from the many many incredible energy centres dotted all around.
Maybe it comes from its international location, at the corner of the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Maybe it comes from its spectacular nature, mountains ranges, pristine beaches, forests and caves.
Maybe it comes from its rich local heritage and culture. From its ancestry rooted in shepherds, pirates, warriors and rebels.

The fact is, it truly is a place of wonder and beauty which unless you really, really resist, you cannot be help but be taken in by.

(Even the scientists acknowledge the magic here. In the book ‘Crete: A Continent In An Island’ from the National History Museum of Crete, the author shares that the scientists studying this island - comparable to a continent because of its incredible variety in fauna, flora, climate and geology - really feel “the special atmosphere and magic that Crete works on all of us.”)

Crete... I love you! And I would love to invite you to experience this island for yourself. Get in touch and let’s see how we can get you here.