Who Am I?


Who am I / what do I do?

I’m Edward Pike, I’m a guide and facilitator for helping people to express their true self. I help people activate their natural talents, abilities, power and intuition.

Who do I work with?

I work with people who feel stuck, either in life or in work. With people who are struggling and feeling a little bit lost. People that want to experience more of life, to be of service to the planet, and to be excited by their life and work. 

I’ve worked with people who are office workers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, healers and therapists. All with a common desire to live with more freedom, joy, flow and connection and bring more heart and authenticity into their work.

What is my background?

I’ve been facilitating personal transformation for groups and individuals for the past 10 years, from personal training and mentoring to meditation, movement and body psychotherapy. I am a certified personal trainer and health coach, and an experienced shamanic practitioner and group facilitator. I am about to complete a 4-year study of Core Energetics (holistic psychotherapy), have a Bachelors Degree in International Management, and have been studying entrepreneurship, spirituality and personal transformation since 2010.

How am I different to a life coach?

My work takes people to the core of who and what they truly are. I do this by looking at the person as a whole and working with their body, mind, emotions and spirit. This allows us to work deeply, going beyond the mask and idealised self-images, releasing any blocks and accessing more of the true self and essence of the person.

It is deeper than life coaching which through questioning often hits on a person’s image of who they think they should be, instead of the core of what and who they truly are.

Where do I take my clients to / from?

I take my clients from feeling a little lost, stuck, disconnected and confused to feeling deeply empowered, rejuvenated, joyful, alive and connected.

What does a typical client journey look like?

A client may begin working with me first indirectly, through my ‘Activate Your Inner Spark’ digital workbook or the ‘I AM’ photographic meditation book. This gives them a taste of their core and begins to awaken their inner knowing. 

They then may choose to go deeper and to start connecting with me through my online membership community ‘the Temple’, in which we activate more and more of their true self, power and natural intuition. They also work on their blocks and resistance through practices and online meetings.

Then they can take the step to do some 1:1 mentoring work with me (either live or online), where we go deeper together into their dreams, longings, blocks and resistance.

This can include coming to Crete for a Soul Quest, in which they are taken out of their day-to-day experience and onto a journey of deep exploration into themselves to work on releasing their blocks, awakening their gifts and embodying more of their true self. 

How does the work apply to practitioners, entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations?

My process can be applied not only to the personal lives of my clients but also to their work. It is often a stepping-stone to them applying this new inner knowledge and way of being to their businesses, organisations or practices.

The process activates their natural intuition, talents and leadership and leads to a redefining and reimagining of their businesses and offerings.

If required, I am able to support these individual and business transformations through copywriting, website design, photograph and filmmaking.

Why do I do what I do?

I do what I do because I feel deeply excited by it. Seeing someone open up and transform brings me a lot of joy. When someone is vulnerable and reveals their true self, their blocks, their pain and their essence, it is beautiful to watch.

I also love the creative aspect of it, the writing, photo, video and web design. I love meeting a person’s essence and help bring it to life for others to see.

And finally, I am excited by seeing entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations act as a force for good, shifting their consciousness and being of true service to the planet and humanity.

What is my vision and mission?

My vision is a world in which we are all embodying and expressing our true self, offering our gifts and talents to those in need of them and feeling great joy in our lives and work.

In order to create this vision, my mission is to work with 10,000 people, supporting them to awaken their intuition, gifts, talents and abilities and be of service to the world and planet.

Edward Pike