Soul Quests: Intuitive Itinerary Design


I would love to invite you to experience your very own Soul Quest here in Crete. 

A Soul Quest a completely bespoke and unique travel experience designed around your heart’s intention for what will bring you the biggest transformation.

One of their most powerful aspects is the intuitive method in which we co-create your personal itinerary:

Soul Quests in Crete by Edward Pike

To start with, we tune-in together to receive a Guiding ‘I AM’ Intention for the entire Quest. Some examples of this include ‘I AM Flow’, ‘I AM Peace’, or ‘I AM Freedom’.

I then connect with my guidance to receive 3 ‘Quest Pillars’. These are three points of focus to support your overall intention, such as ‘Connecting with the Earth’, ’Stillness’, or ‘Creativity’.

From the Guiding Intention and Quest Pillars, I put together a proposed itinerary for you, which includes places to stay, things to visit, activities, 1:1 time with myself, and even local practitioners if needed. 

Conscious Travel Crete Soul Quests

It’s a super simple structure. And since it’s all done intuitively, I get to what you truly need. All Questers so far have been super excited by the itineraries I offer them.

If you feel a sense of curiosity about a Soul Quest, now is the perfect time to get in touch. I have spaces for a few more Questers from April through to October (if you want to make the most of the sea and sun!). 

We’ll connect for a brief phone call to see whether it’s right for you, and just go from there!

Looking forward to welcoming you here in the magic and beauty of Crete :) for more details.