5 Lessons From Beyond The Veil: What I Discovered During My Soul Quest (Part 1)

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A quick note: the following is a summary of my experience during a 7-day Soul Quest on the mythical and magical island of Kythira. For clarity, I have broken up this blog post into 3 parts, and will be sharing one part every week for the following three weeks.

In tribal cultures, it is a common rite of passage for members to leave for some days, weeks or months, heading deep into nature and into the unknown to find themselves. For some it symbolises the passage from teenager to adult. For others it is a way of receiving important answers from nature and Spirit. For all, it is a time of powerful transformation.

When I set off on my own for 7 days to Kythira, an island 4 hours North of Crete by boat, I had a feeling that it would be an incredible experience. Little did I know the beauty, magic and transformation I would encounter. 

My sole intention for the whole trip was to follow my guidance every single step of the way; to trust the wisdom and intelligence of my intuition. No. Matter. What. This led me on an incredible adventure to face some of my deepest fears, transform and purify elements of my ego, and reconnect with aspects of my inner nature that I had forgotten.

Here are five things I learnt or rediscovered along the way.

Lesson #1: You must leave your ‘Ordinary World’ behind in order to find yourself. 

In his description of the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell talks about our ‘Ordinary World’. This is not just our physical location, but also our habitual ways of being, doing and thinking. While of course habits can be useful, leaving them behind for a while allows you to see exactly which ones are supporting you, and which ones are simply in place as a way of avoiding or running away from your truth. 

For us city-dwellers, letting of technology and work and heading into nature (and even letting go of food for a while), plugs us straight back into our true self. 

I truly recognised this during a 3-day Vision Quest in the middle of my trip, in which I essentially sat on a beach for 3 days and cut out any ways I could avoid being with myself. No phones, no reading or journalling, no food, no interaction with others (if possible), and limited moving around. Since my go-to ways of avoiding or numbing are generally technology and food, without those I was left wide open to my true feelings. And in doing so, to finding a much deeper part of me.

During the first day, I became aware of many feelings just below the surface. Situations around  me, thoughts and memories triggered everything from anger to fear to disgust. As I felt, listened and held these parts of me, I cleansed and purified my being, detoxing mind and body. It was a deeply challenging day, with a near-constant headache and waves of nausea. 

The second day however I woke up with incredible clarity and a deep sense of connection and inner knowing. Each day after that brought me increasingly closer to my core and essence - my soul - until I could sense and hear its voice like never before. 

Only by letting go of everything - even for just a few days - can you find what is true.

Leaving your Ordinary World doesn’t have to be as extreme as my experience either: simply choosing to turn your phone off for the day, spend a few hours in nature alone, or sit in a silent room are all ways to challenge your day-to-day, unconscious thinking and doing.


Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3!