5 Lessons From Beyond The Veil (Part 3)


The following is the 3rd and last episode of a 3-part series. To read part 1 click here, and for part 2 click here.

Lesson #4: Absolutely everything - including your true self - is love, expressed in an infinity of different forms. 

We all hold within us a variety of stories and assumptions about the world and what we commonly agree is ‘reality’. But the truth is that these stories are not real: yet because of the tremendous power of our minds, they appear to be. Why? Because the ‘outer’ world is a beautiful mirror to our ‘inner’ worlds. In fact, they are one and the same thing: Awakened Presence, our true divine nature.
I was guided throughout my trip to challenge everything I knew about this so-called reality, and to listen instead to what I felt inside. As the Little Prince said (very precociously indeed), ‘what is essential is invisible to the eyes; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly’. 

On the last day of my Vision Quest I was invited to spend a whole day witnessing the comings and goings of people on a beach, and to tune-in to their hearts instead of what my mind was making up about them. The difference between the two, and the thoughts/feelings that accompanied my focus, were incredible. When I focused on my mind’s immediate judgement, I felt separate and disconnected. But when I tuned in to their true nature, all I felt was love and acceptance - no matter their appearance or actions.

By learning to see ‘through the heart’, I became conscious of the love all around. In the rocks, the water, the air, the wind, the sun, the people - and myself. I connected with the love of the Earth, as I walked, sat and slept on her surface. I allowed myself to bathe and be held, to surrender to this deeper truth. 

This love around and within is Awakened Presence, and is what binds all ‘things’, as expressions of itself, like waves are expressions of the ocean. And when you notice and observe the world with care, curiosity and an open heart, it leads you deeper into your own depths.

When you open to this truth, you notice that absolutely everything is one living being: from the clouds to the songs in your head, from the people you meet to the images that come as you fall asleep. Absolutely everything is for you, mirroring your inner state and guiding you back to your true nature.

Only true innocence allows you to sense a deeper truth.

Innocence is a state of being that already exists within you - since childhood. It simply takes a bit of practice to notice when you are leading with your mind and its assumptions, or are seeing ‘rightly’ through the heart. When you learn to reconnect with your childlike sense of wonder and play, you are opening the door to an other way of perceiving the world, beyond your ‘adult’ mind. As the meme says; ‘Don’t grow up, its a trap!’. 

Lesson #5: Your true multi-dimensional nature is miraculous and magnificent. 

There are many parts to your soul and your true self, all living in different levels of consciousness and realms of reality, at the same time. Now, to the human 3D mind, that can be hard to understand as it goes beyond our understanding of time and space. But just think of this: your brain can only see less than 2% of the full spectrum of light (and 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum). In other words, over 98% of what is going around you in invisible to your eyes.

Going back to the Little Prince’s quote, what is true exists beyond the scope of your human eyesight and must be accessed using your intuition and imagination; you must go beyond your five senses and access your innate extra-sensorial perceptions. 

There are many invisible realms, dimensions and kingdoms right beneath our noses that we are not aware of, unless we do the work to access them. Unless you go beyond your fears, purify your ego, you will not be able to perceive these realities.

During my trip I truly embodied this multi-dimensional nature, at a deeper level than ever before. Working with spirits, conversing with nature and the elements, creating exactly what I needed at the perfect time for my experience. It is all so simple and yet so magical - even if hard to grasp with our limited rational minds. 

The truth is, you only need to look at children to understand that we ALL have the capacity to tune-in and interact with these other realms. We are simply taught to close the door of these extra senses as we grow older, so we can fit in to the agreed ‘reality’. 

When you allow yourself to ‘unlearn’ your stories about life, yourself, being human etc - you can return to innocence, and your true multi-dimensional nature. 

Through simple meditation practices or shamanic journeying, you can learn to communicate with the unseen realms, accessing levels of consciousness and energies invisible to the naked eye. When you give yourself space (and discipline) to dive into your true being, you remember your true nature as made of pure energy and consciousness; that you are ‘a spiritual being having a human experience’.

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