5 Lessons From Beyond The Veil (Part 2)

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The following is the 2nd episode of a 3-part series. To read part 1 click here.

Lesson #2: You must truly face and feel your deepest fears in order to be free from them. 

Joseph Campbell calls this ‘facing your demons’, which in reality is mostly an inner process of being present to our fear and other uncomfortable parts of our egoic self. In other words; bringing love to the parts of our psyche that are hurt and afraid.

As challenging as this sounds, it is also true that a beautiful and loving intelligence guides and supports this process - so you don’t have to throw yourself into shark-infested waters just yet. The beauty of being open to feeling your fears is that you become aware that there is a wonderful intelligence working with you to help you re-harmonise and re-balance any distortions in your egoic self.

During my trip I was presented with many opportunities to feel fear: my inner guidance led me to sleep alone on beaches and in caves (including one night underneath some eery-looking cliffs and another directly opposite a massive shipwreck, one of my biggest fears), to swim alone in the sea, and to walk up to a group of strangers and speak my truth to them. All of these experiences brought up a lot of initial resistance, and a lot of fear.

Over the course of 7 days, my awareness of fear became tremendously heightened, and I was able to really feel it for what it is: energy running through me, causing my body to tense up, my heart to race, and my imagination to run wild with possible danger scenarios. During the final night of my Vision Quest, I was guided to discover and feel a deep-seated, primal terror of death, the root of many unconscious fears. 

Only by challenging yourself to situations that bring up fear will you be able to shed some light into them. And as a result, be free from their hold.

You may not need to go and sleep on a beach alone to face some of your deepest fears either: simply imagining certain scenarios can be enough to trigger them. Then you can open your heart and invite Awakened Presence to hold, nurture and care for your unconscious fear and limiting stories.

(For a wonderful meditation and reading on how to work with fear, read ‘Radical Acceptance’ by Tara Brach).

Lesson #3: Fear keeps you in a box, separate from your true self and the magic of the world. 

Many of us are so used to being driven by fear that we don’t even see that there is another way. And yet the energy of fear keeps us small, limited, disconnected from our true power and from the incredible magic and beauty of life and our planet. How? By keeping us hypnotised by the same old assumptions, beliefs and stories about ourselves, others and the world we live in. Often stories that have no basis in truth, but instead have deep roots in social conditioning, culture, ancestry and childhood pain. 

The more I acknowledged my fears for what they were, the more I was able to access a much deeper, loving, creative, sensual, wise aspect of myself. I was able to sense my true interconnectedness with the world, to see and feel Spirit in all things, to listen to the wisdom of the wind, the sun and the Earth. In other words, to access my true, divine nature.

It didn’t require me to ‘do’ anything. Instead, by feeling any emotions and fears that I was resisting, I dropped deeper into the true self. And there I (re)discovered the truth: that life is beautiful and incredible, full of love, magic, joy and wisdom. And we are too. It just takes a bit of pausing, relaxing and allowing to truly understand and accept. It’s our stories about ourselves and life - that we stick to because we are afraid - that keep us disconnected from this reality.

Only when you go beyond your stories about your pain and your identity, can you recognise that everything you are looking for is already here.

You can use your current reality as a way in to get a deeper understanding of where your current focus is. What is the world reflecting back to you? Drama? Pain? Suffering? Scarcity? Isolation? Smallness? If you truly take some time to reflect and contemplate, you will see all your stories mirrored back at you in different parts of your life. 

One more final part to come next week…