7 Awesome Resources For Spiritual Transformation


As a follow-up to my previous blog post on ‘4 Documentaries For Spiritual Awakening’, I felt the call to share with you 7 awesome resources to support your journey of awakening and transformation. All of these are available online or via app.

1. Insight Timer (Meditation app):

This beautiful application started out as a simple timer for meditation (including a variety of Tibetan bowls), and now offers a ton of free guided meditations from some of the best teachers. It also connects you to a community of people meditating worldwide with the app at the same time, and tracks your progress. It’s completely free too, and is a great little tool for any meditators, no matter what experience level.


2. Lee Harris (Energy Forecast Videos):

If you’re interested in energy, consciousness and spirituality, chances are you’ve heard of Lee Harris before. I highly recommend his monthly ‘Energy Forecast’ videos which can give you a bit of a sense of what is happening worldwide - which can help a lot when you recognise that you are not at all the only one going through stuff!


3. ‘Messages From Shadow' Cards:

As we navigate the seas of change, it’s not all always rosy, and sometimes it helps to get just a little bit of clarity on what aspect of our shadow we are working with - especially when we can feel lost in its emotions or negativity. This pack of cards, available as a simple app, works like magic to give you just that little bit of clarity you might need, as well as some tips to deepen your transformation and process.


4. Gaia.com (Videos):

The Gaia network is the Youtube for all things spiritual. It has a large database of documentaries, movies and videos for all tastes and covers a wide range of topics from indigenous cultures to crop circles or spiritual transformation. Some of the information presented here will blow your mind!


5. Do Yoga With Me (Yoga Practices):

This website is one of the best free yoga websites available. There are some incredible teachers on there (my favourite is Fiji McAlpine), and you can search for a class or practice based on level of experience, time and focus. Perfect for starting or deepening your practice at home or while you travel!


6. Yummly (Recipe App):

As you expand your awareness and reconnect to yourself, a desire to eating healthier foods happens naturally and organically. And a great way to support this is to know what to cook. Yummly is a simple little app which draws tons of recipes from the web into a simple format: just type in an ingredient, a type of cooking or a certain diet and it will bring up a large list of meals, drinks or other tasty things for you to get your teeth into. It also comes with a handy shopping list feature.


7. The Temple (Online Practices & Circle):

I simply had to add my online resource to this list, which is a beautiful container for holding people in their journey of awakening and alignment. Every month, you receive a body-mind-spirit practice on a certain theme, you get access to an online circle in which we come together as a community to share our experience and receive support, and can listen to extra recordings with in-depth theory, information and resources for you to deepen your journey. You also become part of a beautiful community of kindred spirits all around the world! You can sign up for a free 30-day trial at the link below to check out the last 3 months of content.



I hope you enjoy these online resources, and would love to hear how you get on with them!

With love,

Ed xx

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