Crete: Land of Awakening


When I first discovered Crete back in 2014, I had no idea how my life would unfold there. I had no idea of the beauty, depth and love that I would find. All I felt at the time was a deep sense of home, like an inner knowing that I had never experienced before. Something in me was deeply moved.

I was inspired and curious to return, and so I did: the following summer I took 2 months to explore the island, to travel and to work, collaborating on a beautiful retreat in the middle of the mountains.

By the time the 2 months were up, me and my partner at the time had the keys to our own house.

Fast-forward 2 1/2 years later, through a break-up, a couple of moves, and many trips to London and back, and I am only just beginning to understand this calling I felt deep within. 

Only now am I understanding why I was called there, as if positioned by Spirit…

Crete is a beautiful, powerful, alive and nurturing island. You can feel her soul, deeply alive and loving. Spirit is so present and alive throughout its stunning nature and vibrant communities. 

There are more light-bringers, creative spirits, artists, healers, earth-workers and spirit-warriors per square kilometre than I have ever encountered. I keep meeting people of incredible depth and authenticity, who have all felt a call to the island in their own unique way.

The truth is, Crete is a ‘Land of Awakening’: the aliveness, beauty and gentleness of her spirit awaken people’s own. When you set foot there, you cannot help but be transformed. Said to be the ‘root chakra of Europe’, she brings you closer to the Earth, into your body and into the fullness of your senses.

And since my purpose and mission are to awaken people to the beauty, love and wisdom of their true self, what better place to do so than in such a powerful, divine, beautiful place?

To anyone who wants to reconnect with their true self and the beauty within…
To anyone who wants to return to nature and the simplicity of life…
To anyone who wants to experience unity, peace and harmony….

I am inviting you; Come to Crete. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. 

Come and experience her power and magic.
Come and reconnect with yourself.
Come back to life. 

I have two retreats coming up soon, with spaces left on both:

‘Shamanic Adventures’ is held by the sea, and will be a journey into unity and oneness and an exploration of some of the island’s most sacred sites.

‘Embody Your Nature’ is held in an eco-centre in the mountains, and will be a journey into our beauty, creativity, and true inner nature.

These are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive in. 

So, if you feel a need, a longing, a call within you, take a look at the links - and get in touch. We will connect and chat about how we can get you there… And don’t worry; I know from experience that the practicalities have a way of working themselves out (and I will do my best to support you in anyway I can).

When I think of the island I call home, my whole body lights up; my heart opens; I feel the essence of her beaches, mountains, cities, rivers and forests; I smile at the thought of all the beautiful people I love there.

I would so love to welcome you there, and be your guide…back to beauty, back to simplicity, back to inner space, back to love. 

With love

Ed xx


Edward Pike