you are a piece of god

last weekend I was at another Core Energetics training
a beautiful space of transformation and connection
a deep dive into divine humanity and divine embodiment

during one of the classes
I was led to discover the part of me
that doesn't believe in my importance
the part of me that looks to others to feel special
to feel connected
to feel loved

as I felt this part in the pit of my stomach
and saw with awareness the pain that created it
and the pain it caused me
it moved
it shifted
it transformed
and it revealed in my depths
another part
far more real
far more true
the part that knows its importance
its importance as a part of the universe
its importance as a vessel of love and truth
its importance as a being with a purpose
its importance as a piece of god

this part doesn't require anything
no need for validation
no need to be special
no need to be seen
instead upon finding it, it reveals
just a simple remembering
an ancient knowing
of the true importance
of each and every one
of all things
of all beings
of all parts

like your hand belonging to your body
you too belong to life
and like a hand
you may not be special
but you are of deep and utmost important
as you are
in essence
a piece of god itself.

Edward PikeComment