4 Must-See Documentaries For Spiritual Awakening


I'm a big fan of documentaries. The kind that dive deep into the beauty, wonder and awesomeness of humanity and our planet, from the incredible 'Blue Planet 2' to the heart-stopping 'Wild Wild Country'.

There are a TON out there.

Here are four of my favourite; full of incredible wisdom about life, nature, spirituality, creation and consciousness. 

A word of advice: aim to keep an open mind and open heart as you watch these, and notice what reaction happens within you. You may find yourself being sceptical about some of the material, or even getting frustrated perhaps. Its important that you allow whatever your experience is to happen within you. 

1. A Quest For Meaning

Two friends from France go on an adventure that takes them to meet some of the world's sharpest minds. It's an ideal first documentary as it shows how two people with no experience of spirituality and consciousness follow a calling to go on their very own quest. Very relatable and full of wisdom.

2. The Cosmic Giggle

A beautiful exploration of the heart and its intelligence, and how we can allow ourselves to be 'moved' by the world we live in. It interviews a few spiritual teachers on themes of manifestation, love, consciousness and spirit. Full of wisdom, so much that I had to watch it a second time to take it all in!

3. Kymatica

A mind-blowing explanation of our true symbiotic connection with Earth, and the distorted roots of our current political and monetary system. Its presentation can feel a little 'conspiracy theory-like' at times, but if you can look past this, the content is truly eye-opening. This is the one out of the four that you may find the hardest to digest!

4. The Choice Is Ours

Funded by the Venus Project, and featuring its late founder Jacque Fresco, it explores the possibilities for our future, and how scientists can come together to create a new society based on sharing resources (Resource-Based Economy). It proposes an alternative vision for our world, economy and society. Very inspiring, even if I feel Jacque's vision lacks humanity and creativity.


I hope you enjoy these - and I would love to hear your comments about what you learnt, discovered and/or reacted to. Feel free to drop me a message at any time.

With love
Edward x