the blink of an I


dear One

your heart is opening

your wisdom is emerging

ancestral knowledge

inner knowing

a Truth far beyond your everyday senses

no matter where you are

no matter where you' ve come from

here in you lies the key

to everything you have been seeking

to everything you have ever dared to dream

to everything you have ever desired

your heart is the key

so simple


and true

a doorway to another reality

a portal to a new dimension

an opening into a new Earth

you are here to play your part

in the transforming

in the surrendering

in the holding

and in the birthing

of what is arising within you

do not fear your struggles or your challenges

do not avoid your pain and your suffering

they are signposts to your true completeness

flashing lights directing you to wholeness


and allow the inspiration to flow

allow your resistance to be

invite your Truth to emerge

welcome your heart and your inner being

radical transformation is upon you

building up for millenia

and executed in the blink of an eye

the blink of an I

of a lifetime

of a moment in time

your time.

with love

ed xx

Edward PikeComment