Reflection Time

As 2018 is ending and a new cycle approaches, I’m looking back at these past 12 months, and inviting you to do the same.

How did you transform? What were your highlights? What were your challenges? What are you grateful for? What do you wish to celebrate about yourself? And what are you calling in for 2019?

Here’s mine:


A deeply transformative year (again!), but not such an emotional rollercoaster as the previous ones: in whole it’s felt more like a fog has been clearing in my consciousness, instead of being thrown around a washing machine like in 2016 and 2017!

I’m beginning to really reap the rewards of all the previous years of following my heart in the dark, allowing more of my true self into life, work, relationships and creativity and receiving abundance in all areas!

I’m beginning to truly understand my purpose of revealing people’s true divine nature, and the oneness, wholeness and beauty that already exits in all of us. And instead of trying to desperately change myself or the world, I’m now more aware of the true beauty of life as it is, beyond the judgments of the mind.


Soul Quest in Kythira
Meeting Helios, then George
Robbie moving in
Sharing the book with people I love 
Family time at Christmas with all the little people


It hasn’t all been easy. 

Internal challenges; finding the bully within me, the hatred and cruelty, and slowly setting them free. Opening my heart to myself and learning to say no. Acknowledging my own true importance, sovereignty and uniqueness - in a non-distorted way.

External challenges; learning to co-habitate with 2 animals and a partner. Standing up in front of people and speaking about my work without having to prove anything. Taking myself to Kythira for 7 days on my own. Saying yes to a new business model while letting go of the old one.


To my teachers and mentors this year, Erena Bramos, Kat Byles, Ivan, Dirk, Ana, Charly, Yula, Jayne, Natasha.
To my Core Energetics community for being such incredible examples of human beings.
To my tribe and community in Crete, Athens, London, who received the book with such warmth and heart.
To my wonderful clients for your commitment, trust and courage.
To my beautiful friends for your love, wisdom and joy.
And to my wonderful man Rob Sykes - thank you thank you thank you. I love our little family and feel so good about what is unfolding for us.


For loving the little Helios and George, and learning to be a carer and father in the truest sense.
For birthing the ‘I AM’ book into the world.
For learning to appreciate what is already in front of me.
For saying yes to life and being so committed to my path.
For creating a whole new model for my work in complete alignment with my purpose (thanks Kat Byles!)


I want to take the book far and wide to those that need it.
I want to share Crete’s beauty and essence with more people.
I want to spend more time in nature.
I want to dance. 
I want to be still.
I want to be of service to more people in an effortless way.
I want to spend quality time with those I love.
I want to create an abundance of love, money and creative contribution.
And I want to appreciate where I am at, every step of the way.

I would love to hear from you; if you feel inspired to share you can play with this structure: How I’ve Transformed, Highlights, Challenges, What/Who I’m Grateful For, What I Celebrate About Myself and What I’m Calling In.

With love,
Ed xx

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