3 Inspiring Talks for Deeper Connection

3 inspiring talks for deeper connection edward pike.jpg

Christmas is upon us. And with it, carb-induced comas in front of the same old Christmas movies.

How about doing something different this year, and instead watching some heart-opening talks from inspiring experts?

Here are three of my favourites, all of which will invite you to think differently about yourself and your interconnected nature - and potentially inspire a new way of being and connecting.

‘Nature & Genius: Awakening Our Ancient Potential For Health, Happiness & Creative Emergence’ by Jon Young

Jon Young works on studying ancient models of connection: in this talk he brings stories and insights from his work with African tribes to show just how much potential there is in our interconnectedness. He also shares some rituals that are missing in our societies based on separation, and the potential these have for collaboration and creation.

‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible’ by Charles Eiseinstein 

This talk was how I first discovered Charles Eiseinstein, a deeply inspiring social philosopher and author who writes and speaks about the need for heart-connection in our societal structures, and the profound impact our stories of separation have on our lives and world. 

How To Develop Your Psychic Ability’ by Patrick Belisle

Don’t be fooled by the misleading tagline: this is an incredible talk describing in detail what ‘psychism’ truly is. It takes you deep into a new understanding of our multi-dimensional and interconnected nature, and shows that absolutely everyone - by nature - has access to a range of extra-sensorial perceptions.