Spiritual Awakening For Modern Seekers (Parts 4 & 5): Impact & Resources

Photo: I AM The Space Between

Photo: I AM The Space Between

The following are parts 4 & 5 of a 5-part series on Spiritual Awakening. Here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

4. The Impact of A Spiritual Awakening

As we’ve seen in the previous three parts, awakening is a process which comes in many shapes and sizes. 

For each individual the journey is completely unique. But for all, the end result is similar. 

From my own personal journey and that of the people I serve, here are four common traits that arise naturally through the awakening path.

Rediscovery of innocence

In my experience, the awakening process brings us closer to our childlike state, to who we were as children: one with the world, in a deep state of presence, deeply connected with our emotions, our needs and desires; with one foot in the physical world while also deeply connected to non-physical realities through our intuition and imagination. 

The path of awakening and remembering what we truly are is in essence a process of unlearning and letting go of old habits, ways of being and doing that no longer serve us - and were often handed to us by our ancestors and the collective around us. So as we do so, our natural intelligence begins to emerge.

Accelerated transformation

The return to our innocences re-establishes contact with our intuition i.e the guiding force of the universe, the higher or super-conscious mind. This takes us out of our old story of who we are, and plugs us straight into a new paradigm. It opens the heart, purifies the ego and mind-body system, and aligns us directly with Source energy.

In my experience, reconnecting with the divine in myself and in all things has catapulted me into a completely new realm. By activating and becoming more conscious of the presence and guidance originating from a deeper intelligence within, I have been more open to move through what I need to move through, let go of old beliefs and patterns and eventually align my whole life with divine intelligence. 

Return to wholeness

When we are in our masks and victim consciousness, we feel split, separate, incomplete. Through the awakening process, we return to embodying our fullness: our multi-dimensional, physical and non-physical self. Through deeper and deeper embodiment and cleansing of the ego, our senses awaken, as well as our extra-sensorial perceptions (like our intuition and our ability to ‘feel’ into other realities).

This embodiment and integration process if not always an easy one, it requires us to feel everything within, including all our blocks, pain, limitations, frustrations etc. Despite what our masks would like us to believe, that is the only way to truly return to wholeness. To my surprise, I have recognised that my most intense and powerful experiences of oneness have also been the times when I have felt the most present, embodied and grounded.

Reconnection with the beauty and magic of the world

As we return to our wholeness and multi-multi-dimensional self, we return to the magic of the world and the beauty of life itself. We being to recognise - remember - that everything we ever need is always, and always has been, within us. We begin to sense the incredible presence and infinite intelligence of Source in all things. And we become more and more aware of the fact that we already are living in Heaven on Earth. 

As we awaken, we become more conscious of the beauty, wisdom and love around and within us - and within others too. In my experience, when we truly go from a mental and intellect understanding of spirituality into its true experience, we feel deep within the ultimate truth: that ultimately all is unfolding exactly as it needs to; that all is well as it is; and that there is nothing that needs healing or fixing either in yourself or others around you.

(This can be hard to believe for our egoic, conditioned minds, always seeking for something to improve in order to finally be enough. And if so, then that’s perfectly OK, you don’t have to believe or agree with this. Just put a pin in it for later, or play around with the concept: what would my life feel and look like if I stopped believing I needed to fix/heal/improve myself?)

So, I hear you think, HOW do I get there? 

This HOW is however a trick question, originating from the seeking mind which, although very much useful and needed to take us a long way, ultimately needs to be left at the door in order to fully experience our true, divine nature. 

You see, the seeking mind in all of us is desperate to get the ‘map’ ahead of time. However that is of course impossible: every single soul has a personal journey to embark on in order to fulfil their soul task and potential. 

Despite this, in the next part I will share with you a few tools, resources and ideas that may serve you.

5. Tools & Resources

For this final part, I want to share a few resources that will support your journey. I’ll be digging deeper into more tools and insights from my work over the coming months, but for now here are a few you can dig into.

To start with, I want to be honest with you: awakening can happen at any moment, and cannot be created or predicted. You could have no experience of spirituality whatsoever, be walking down the street and suddenly have a Satori moment of deep communion with Spirit - out of nowhere. Or you could on the other hand be a devout practitioner of meditation your entire life and never get close to such an experience.

In my current level of understanding, awakening is something that must be surrendered to instead of ‘done’.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Spend time alone, in solitude, away from your phone and computer

  • Go out into nature and spend time sitting and observing the natural world

  • Meditate and/or do some yoga so you can begin to observe and detach from your seeking mind 

  • Connect with a community of like-minded people who share the same desire to awaken

My own offerings

But I would also love to mention here my own offerings, all designed to create a beautiful and powerful space for awakening.

  • Soul Quests in Crete: an invitation to spend time connecting with nature, away from your ‘Ordinary World’ and all its addictions and distractions.

  • The Temple Online Portal & Community: an invitation to dive into spiritual practices and meditation, while exploring your true self with a community of fellow spiritual seekers and consciousness adventurers.

  • ‘I AM’ book: an invitation to reconnect with your innocence and remember the beauty and magic of life through photography.

You can also head to my Resources page to find a meditation, an 8-day email Awakening Experience as well as articles ‘4 Must-See Documentaries For Spiritual Awakening’ and ‘7 Awesome Resources For Spiritual Transformation

Voila! I hope this series served you well on your path. I would love to hear from you: share your experience in the comments below, or drop me an email at any time.

With deep love and gratitude, 

Edward xx